How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Help You Grow Your Business

The real estate market is highly competitive and ever-demanding. 

Real estate business owners are always under a lot of stress to meet targets, outperform their business rivals and sell as many properties as possible. 

As a result, they often have limited “me time” and find themselves beneath a heap of tasks. 

This is where a real estate virtual assistant comes into the picture.

Who is a real estate virtual assistant?

A real estate virtual assistant is exactly like your personal assistant, without the hassle of hiring a personal assistant. A real estate VA helps you efficiently manage your real estate business and all business-related work after you delegate all your tasks to them.

Why should you hire them?

Beat the consequences of currency and inflation (save money) 
Overseas assistance is cheaper, so when you are looking for virtual assistance, your search is not limited to your home country. The world is your oyster, and you can look anywhere for assistance. Plus, there is no hiring cost or office space to be provided. Moreover, you only pay hourly instead of having several permanent personal assistants on your payroll.

Regular Updates: Virtual Assistants keep meticulous records of all ongoing and pending tasks. They help you work on your task queues and provide you with regular task updates.

Segregate and delegate: When you take the help of virtual assistants, you don’t only get an individual but also a team. Each team member possesses particular expertise, making the entire team versatile and agile. You can send your requirements following the needed expertise.

Accessibility to good talent: While looking for a virtual assistant for your real estate business, you do not have to stick to a specific geographical area. You can access the best expertise at the best rates from all around the world.

Increase your productivity: When you have successfully handed over all your tasks to the best talent available, you can sit back and rest assured that your productivity is bound to increase.

Easily replaceable: Virtual Assistants are readily available and effortlessly replaceable. You do not need to bank on one particular assistant and be in jeopardy if they leave.

Real estate virtual agents can help grow your business substantially by leaps and bounds.

Given below are some of how virtual assistants can help your real estate business boom:

Here’s how real estate virtual assistants can help you with marketing:

Help you manage and launch online campaigns
Real estate virtual assistants can help you create online campaign content for various property listings, decide campaign budgets, find resources, and promote and monitor multiple online campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization
Real estate virtual assistants can help you increase your business presence and online visibility through search engine optimization. They optimize your property listings, do social marketing for your business and help you generate more leads.

Set up and manage your website
Your virtual assistant can help you set up your website correctly, update it regularly, and give it a makeover when needed.

They evaluate and enhance your online appearance, business aesthetics and content —

  • Web designing: Most virtual assistance agencies/companies have incredibly talented web designers on their roster, which real estate businesses can benefit from.
  • Graphic designing: A virtual assistant can help real estate companies design their logo, flyers, and brochures. They can also help out with PowerPoint presentations or slideshows.

Manage Promotions
Real estate companies need to post regularly on their various social media pages about discounts, offers, prices and project listings. Real estate VAs can help manage these.

Here’s how real estate virtual assistants can help you with administrative chores:

  • Email management: Virtual Assistants can help real estate agencies manage their emails, respond to client queries, label important emails for future reference, clean their junk email, make folders etc.
  • Live business listings: VAs can help you manage your google calendar and update live business listings on Google mentioning your business hours and holiday declarations.
  • Data entry: All businesses have wide-scale data entry to be carried out, and virtual assistants can help real estate businesses/agencies with their data entry work.
  • Research: Virtual Assistants can research industry trends and the latest developments, read up on and analyze your competitors’ strategies and progress and accordingly provide you with a wide range of information, data and resources as and when required.
  • Property Management: Virtual Assistants can help you handle the property management CRMs portal, which is essential to interact with leads, do email blasts, and handle customer complaints and queries on time.
  • Follow up on customer leads: Virtual assistants can help you follow up on sales leads by responding to prospective client queries, personally communicating with them and keeping a record of client queries in the database along with the potential client’s name, phone number, special occasions (birthday, anniversary and so on) email IDs, etc.
  • Help with business management plans: VAs can help real estate agencies summarize their business management goals and plans, devise new schemes and guidelines and come up with solutions for problems.
  • Record client meetings: Real estate virtual assistants can help you record virtual meetings conducted online/offline and take down the meeting minutes.
  • Handle property listings: Real estate companies have a deluge of property listings on their website and offline sources, and VAs can help manage these.
  • Schedule your appointments and meetings: Most real estate business owners have numerous appointments, making it impossible for them to stay on top of things, but having a virtual assistant do everything for you can make everything sorted!
  • Record Customer Feedback: Virtual Assistants can reach out to customers for their valuable inputs, conduct customer feedback surveys, generate feedback forms and keep records of them.
  • Send closing gifts or seasonal gifts: Virtual Assistants can pick out personalized gifts for clients after the deal is closed or send seasonal gifts to clients and customers.
  • Respond to customer calls: Virtual Assistants can take customer calls, respond to them accordingly and keep a record of the verbal exchange.

Here’s how real estate virtual assistants can help you with your financial burden:

  • Accounting: Virtual assistants can help you with bookkeeping and keeping records of your sales, purchases, receipts and vouchers.
  • Tax filing: VAs can help real estate businesses file their taxes on time and get the best returns.
  • Manage your bank accounts: They can help real estate businesses to keep their bank records updated.
  • Financial risk management plans: All business organizations have handy financial risk management plans prepared by their accounts teams, content teams and policymakers. VAs can help devise such plans.
  • Pay bills: VAs can help you pay and manage your bills on time without hassles.
  • Manage contracts and agreements: Contracts and agreements between sellers, buyers and vendors are a regular occurrence in a real estate business. VAs can help arrange all of that and keep exact records.


Hiring a real estate virtual assistant or virtual assistant can help you save time, enhance personal growth, and make your existence easier. Thus, hiring a real estate virtual assistant or a real estate virtual assistance company is the right way for real estate business owners and realtors.

What are you waiting for?

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