How AI Tools Will Increase E-Commerce Sales in 2024

Running an online store is like juggling a lot of balls at once. You’ve got to write product descriptions, manage stuff digital inventory, and, most importantly, make sure customers are happy. It’s a busy job, but guess what? There’s something cool that can help – it’s called artificial intelligence (AI). AI is like having a smart assistant that can do some of the repetitive and tedious work for you so you can focus on making your store awesome and increasing your e-commerce sales. The best part of using AI tools is that the results they produce are accurate, authentic, and quicker.

Without further ado, let us take a detailed look into areas where AI automation can help you succeed in your e-commerce business. We will also enlist a few cool tools to help you analyze.

How to Grow E-commerce Sales With AI Tools

You can use AI tools to build a strong and amazing digital presence for your e-commerce websites.

AI tools incorporate fancy technology to make things easier for you and your customers. If you’re interested in finding out about the variety of AI tools available and their main advantages as applied to your e-commerce expansion plan, keep reading.

AI Writing Tools

These tools help you write landing page content, social media posts, product descriptions, taglines, Copies, etc, and all that you need for your online store. Besides, you can generate newsletters and generate copies without breaking a sweat. So, if writer’s block is holding you back from posting your products readily, AI has got you covered. Let us look into a few AI writing tools that will help you write your descriptions that invite more clients and boost your e-commerce sales.


Grammarly may serve as an innovative element in e-commerce pages. Words are a minor matter in selling; in this case, it means that even a single word could affect the professionalism and credibility of your online resource. By adopting Grammarly on your e-commerce platform, you will always ensure that all content is free from mistakes and ready to attract customers successfully and steadily. Whether it’s a product description, marketing email, or website update, thanks to Grammarly, you have a chance to preserve logic and coherence between all communication channels. With Grammarly at hand, you can confidently present your brand’s voice across all content platforms to encourage engagement and boost sales figures.


Developed as an AI model, ChatGPT performs human-like conversations. ChatGPT is a reliable resource that can bring more innovation to e-commerce sites. This means that the tool helps site clients get personalized advice based on their habits. Also, you will be fine with answering user questions through chatbots. Getting help writing product descriptions or texts for advertising is possible. Additionally, it generates content such as blog articles or posts on social media that attract attention and increase the number of visitors and potential buyers. When e-commerce websites incorporate ChatGPT into their platforms, they ensure that customers’ shopping experience becomes seamless and enjoyable, thus increasing their sales volumes and ensuring that customer satisfaction levels are high.


Quillbot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that enhances writing quality. For e-commerce websites, it generates unique product descriptions, improves blog posts, and clarifies website content, ultimately boosting SEO and conversion rates.

Website Project Management Tools

Ever feel like you’re drowning in tasks? AI project management tools can help you stay organized and get things done faster. Streamline your work by setting up a project management tool to help you easily manage your tasks.

Let us explore a few website project management tools that can transform your e-commerce website.


Trello is a versatile platform for project management tasks that e-commerce sites can use. It enhances teamwork, smoothens product development, handles inventory management, and streamlines marketing campaigns by the set standards. It allows you to produce threads, lists, and cards at the hub that keep communication consistent. When launching a new product, keep track of feedback and organize promotions accordingly. As an e-commerce startup, you will benefit from the agility and visibility this tool offers for success.


ClickUp is a multiple-function platform that is the main force behind bringing sequence in workflow and boosting collaboration among workers. Primarily, for e-commerce, this online app provides task management, helps customize lists, and facilitates integration with tools such as Shopify and WooCommerce. Thanks to the sophisticated analytical functions, it supports business owners on their way to efficient operations improvement and growth.

Boards, Maps, Timelines, Calendars, Forms, Sheets – all of that is available for e-commerce companies with just several clicks inside It completely replaces other work management systems and functions as the primary one for e-commerce sites. The boards are fully customizable, and they come with automation capabilities to help your team administer tasks, review orders, and enhance workflow dynamics very easily.

Product Management Tools

Not all products sell in a jiffy. Some products sell very fast due to demand and requirement, while some continue to remain on the shelf due to less demand. Product Management Tools help you predict the demand in the market based on what’s selling and what’s not so you can make informed choices while stocking up your inventory.


Pendo is a product analytics app that helps software companies create customer-centric products by embedding a variety of tools for improved user experience and valuable insights.


The platform simplifies decision-making by offering quick and intuitive access to vital insights for teams. It comprehensively tracks customer actions, providing clear visualizations of behaviors and motivations. Additionally, users can swiftly deploy personalized experiences and seamlessly integrate with preferred marketing tools while easily exporting data to their chosen warehouse for further analysis.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Every customer is unique, and so are their choices. This is the reason why it is paramount to comprehend user behavior before you begin to form a layout or a strategy. You can leverage the power of AI tools to improve your understanding of your target audience.


Mixpanel provides an event analytics platform enabling users to swiftly glean insights from their customer and revenue data. It boasts real-time charts and visualizations depicting user interactions with digital products and businesses. With a focus on behaviors such as conversion and retention, teams can enhance collaboration and make well-informed decisions. Regardless of technical proficiency, users can optimize successful strategies, eliminate inefficiencies, and prioritize their most promising concepts with Mixpanel.


Mouseflow is a website analytics solution designed to uncover the reasons behind visitor conversions into customers. It achieves this by offering insights through session replays, website heat maps, conversion funnels, and additional tools.


Houseware represents the next evolution in product analytics software, tailor-made for businesses prioritizing their products. Developed specifically for product-centric enterprises, Houseware offers advanced insights and analytics capabilities to optimize product performance and drive growth. Its innovative features cater to the unique needs of modern businesses, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

AI-Driven Segmentation

This fancy term just means sorting your customers into groups based on their age, interests, or purchase history. It helps you send them targeted emails and offers.


Mailchimp enables businesses to convert more customers at scale by driving increased traffic and sales through its Customer Journey Builder. Companies can effectively engage their audience with timely and relevant email communications by setting up automation that responds to customer behavior. With Mailchimp’s intuitive platform, businesses can seamlessly create personalized customer journeys, leading to higher conversion rates and sustained growth.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a powerful suite of tools, available at no cost, to help businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers across various devices and platforms. By leveraging Google Analytics, companies can track and analyze the customer journey, enabling them to enhance marketing strategies and maximize return on investment (ROI). This platform empowers users to make data-driven decisions by offering valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing businesses to optimize their digital presence and drive growth effectively.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the ultimate social media management tool, rated #1 by G2 in 2024. It’s not just about marketing; it transforms your entire organization. Easy onboarding and powerful insights help you make strategic decisions quickly. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with your existing systems.

Visual Search and Built-in SEO

Ever wish you could just snap a picture of something and find it online? AI tools can make that happen. They also help your products show up higher in search results.

Google Lens

Google Lens, an image recognition technology created by Google, utilizes visual analysis powered by a neural network to identify objects and retrieve relevant information about them. This innovative tool not only aids in recognizing objects but also enhances the e-commerce experience by allowing users to easily search and shop for products they come across in the real world.

SEO.AI: The ultimate tool for boosting website traffic. Generate captivating articles, analyze competitors, and optimize keywords effortlessly. With AI-powered features like content optimization, internal linking suggestions, and advanced title/meta description enhancement, it’s the go-to choice for SEO success.

Virtual Try-on

Since the advent of e-commerce websites, people have been more inclined to shop online. The only difference in online shopping is that the customers do not get to have a first-hand experience before purchasing the product. Advanced AI tools effectively tackle this challenge. These tools utilize technology such as generative AI, Machine Learning, and other aspects to let customers see how the products of their choice will look on them before they buy.


Introducing VMAKE: The finest E-commerce solutions for creative purposes. Generate captivating videos and images of products effortlessly using AI fashion models—all within your browser tab! Experience a +45% increase in conversion rates, 2x production efficiency, and a 25% boost in average order value. Amplify the visual appeal of your E-commerce projects and websites with the iconic AI Fashion Model Studio and AI Product Photography tools for a spectacular digital transformation.

StyleAI AI Fashion Studio

Introducing AI Designer: Revolutionize your design process and save 10x the cost and time. Easily transform your design deck into lifelike product samples, effortlessly visualized through advanced AI technology.

Step into the future of fashion with AI Fashion Model: Access a diverse range of free AI models, no restrictions on model rights, and slash shooting costs by 90%. Elevate your sales by addressing consumer concerns about fitting models, increasing confidence, and boosting marketing efficiency with a 33% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


Introducing Deep AR’s Virtual Try-On feature: Redefine the retail customer experience with augmented reality. Allow your customers to seamlessly try on glasses, shoes, watches, and makeup directly within your website or app, revolutionizing the way they shop.

AI-Powered Chatbots

These are like friendly robots that can answer customer questions 24/7. They make shopping easier for your customers and free up your time.


Drive your business growth with AI-powered customer service. Address up to 70% of customer inquiries autonomously, boosting lead conversion rates, delivering exceptional support, and maximizing revenue with our revolutionary AI-driven customer service solution.


Boost profitability with Chatfuel’s AI agent, Fuely. Try it FREE with unlimited AI conversations. Fuely is super-efficient, available 24/7, and replaces humans without burnout. It learns fast, sends infinite messages, and handles tasks like booking appointments, answering FAQs, and more. Seamlessly integrate with Stripe, Calendly, Shopify, Zapier, and Google Sheets.

Data Analysis

Ever feel like you’re swimming in data but need help with what to do with it? AI tools can help. Data Analysis tools can shower you with smart suggestions on what strategies to adopt to grow your business.


Welcome to Optimizely, where exceptional digital experiences come to life. Our fully-composable Digital Experience Platform empowers you to create captivating content, run scalable experiments, and drive commerce success—all in one place. Join our upcoming event to discover how we bridge the gap between marketing and product teams for amplified success. With AI-driven solutions for content orchestration, experimentation, and personalized commerce, Optimizely helps you achieve measurable ROI and standout results. As a five-time leader in Digital Experience Platforms recognized by Gartner®, we offer seamless integrations with your favorite apps and tools. Contact us today for tailored demos and pricing to fuel your business growth.


Discover the real user behavior behind the numbers with Hotjar. Trusted by over 1.3 million websites worldwide, Hotjar offers a suite of free tools, including heatmaps, recordings, surveys, and more. Uncover optimization opportunities and prioritize changes based on direct user feedback. Seamlessly integrate with popular apps and ensure the security of your data with Hotjar’s compliance commitments. Hear directly from satisfied customers about how Hotjar has transformed their digital experiences. Start learning about your users today with a free Hotjar account—no credit card is required.

Real-time Reporting

Analyzing and monitoring the website’s reports in real-time is extremely important. AI tools can give you all the info you need in real time so you can make quick decisions to keep your business on track.

Page Canary

Page Canary is an autonomous website QA bot akin to a robotic vacuum for your site. Unlike other tools, it uses AI and web automation to automate most QA tasks, making it uniquely efficient.

Semrush site audit tool

Semrush offers an SEO audit tool that identifies critical website issues and provides prioritized recommendations for improvement. It covers SEO, technical aspects, core web vitals, and more. With features like task sharing, customizable reports, and regular analysis scheduling, Semrush helps you maintain and enhance your online presence effectively.

SE Ranking

The SE Ranking SEO platform utilizes advanced data processing algorithms to provide distinctive insights. They continuously expand their databases and securely store the data.

Bottom Line

AI tools are like having a super smart assistant for your online store. They can help you write content, manage tasks, and maintain a healthy customer experience. With the help of the above-mentioned AI tools, you can easily automate and streamline these tasks without engaging humans to do the same.

So why not give them a try?

Ready to supercharge your online store with AI? Contact UseperWish, the digital marketing experts who can help you harness the power of AI to boost your sales and grow your business. Let’s make your e-commerce dreams a reality – together!

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