Utilizing Podcast Marketing to Enhance Brand Visibility

Podcast Marketing to Enhance Brand Visibility

Podcasts are an excellent way to boost your brand awareness. As per a survey conducted by Super Listeners 2021, 81 percent of participants claimed that they pay more attention to podcast ads than radio ads. 

Advertising about your brand through podcasts is a unique way to reflect your brand in an innovative light. In fact, the 2021 survey sheds light on the fact that 80 percent of respondents believe that the brands that run podcast ads are innovative. 

Podcasting Is A Lot More Than Music and Stories

When we mention the word podcast, what immediately comes to our minds is music, crime, sports, talk shows, politics, etc. Users rely on podcasts to gain information and entertainment bout their favorite subjects. This leaves us with the question of whether a B2B business can make its presence felt by leveraging the power of podcast marketing.

Companies who have adopted podcast marketing techniques believe that it has helped them develop a community around their brand. Looking at the popularity of podcasts, businesses cannot afford to miss out on a unique opportunity to present themselves in the public eye.

Podcasting Misconceptions

B2C businesses have benefitted from the beautiful opportunities podcasts provide. From generating a buzz around their brand to publicizing their products and services to a target audience, B2C businesses have touched it all. They have become the flagbearers of podcast marketing, while B2B businesses have taken the passenger seat.

Therefore, marketers often have the misconception that podcast marketing does not offer the same marketing opportunities that it provides to B2C businesses. However, because B2B has not made any significant development in the podcast marketing industry, it is safe to say that it can potentially be the next big hit. For B2B brands who have not yet wrapped their heads around the entire podcast marketing, it is time to gear up and invade the industry.

Whether you own a B2B or B2C company, the advertising opportunities are not scanty. You can use the platform irrespective of your company size, product or services, and target audience.

Building New Market Space Via Podcasts

There are two primary marketing approaches:

  • Red Ocean Strategy – In this strategy, brands try to build their brand presence in a populated and saturated marketplace where the landscape is highly competitive.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy – In this strategy, companies try to find new areas for diversifying and expanding their marketing efforts and display their products and services to new audiences. This strategy entails dominating a less saturated and uncontested market with less competition.

Podcasting falls under the category of Blue Ocean Strategy as it offers a marketplace that is least explored by businesses as an advertising opportunity. Podcasting is a fantastic way for a brand to hook a brand’s potential audience that is pursued by a relatively small number of competitors.

The poignant idea that thrives under the gamut of brand awareness is assembling or inviting more people to consume your products or services. They must be aware of what you are offering them. Adopting a podcast marketing strategy allows you to reach people who might have never heard about your brand.

Benefits of Using Podcasts to Boost Brand Awareness

The inception of social media built new opportunities for brands to build a community around their brand to showcase their products and raise discussions about quality, longevity, and other aspects. In these communities, users could interact with each other to share their experiences with the products and services. This made users more engaged and involved with the brand. Social media groups allowed word-of-mouth marketing to emerge and sprout beautifully at no expense.

Podcasts create ways to highlight your brand’s message, missions, visions, protocols, privacy terms, and community roles and expectations.

A podcasting community is a group of audiences who want to learn about your programs, products, news, etc. Podcast marketing techniques offer multiple benefits –

1. Industry Expert Brand Image With Leadership Qualities

Insightful tips and tricks about products and services establish your company/brand as a community thought leader. Talk about the latest trends related to company offerings to address, prevent, manage, and resolve challenges.

2. Consistent and Relevant Content Production

The content has to be exquisite and engaging to keep your audience hooked during the length of the podcast. Since the users are only limited to hearing, it is imperative to add catchy phrases, exciting topics, and in-depth explanations to ensure complete user understanding. Introduce complex concepts and real-world problems if they align with your brand mission or vision. Additionally, it is paramount to use a high-quality audio recording tool to record the podcasts and enhance the listening experience of your audience.

3. Establishing A Loyal Community of Listeners

Posting regular and consistent podcasts will help you build a loyal following. The listeners will be motivated to wait for your podcasts and hear you out. All you have to do is create informative and innovative content. You can use your ability to simplify complex ideas and produce them as an accessible resource for your new audiences.

4. Gaining Trust and Credibility

Podcasts are an incredible source of reliable information about industry insights. Enthusiasts and passionate individuals are driven to gain more insights and information on the topic of their interests. You can establish yourself as a trusted leader in your domain. By delivering consistent and valuable insights, you can emerge as an expert.

5. Expanding Your Reach

In addition to keeping your existing audience engaged, you can widen your horizon to accommodate more audiences. This strategic promotion will help you extend to a broader section and boost your network.

6. Role of Podcast Content

Content is an invaluable part of the podcast production process. When you are creating the content for a podcast, you cannot just stick to speaking volumes about your product or services. You need to build a rapport with your audience by sharing insights about the industry. For instance, if you have a hair care line, you can share DIY tricks to keep your hair healthy. This is what your audience wants to hear about. As a brand, you must hit your audience’s pain points, goals, and interests and approach the subject carefully.

As a brand, you can also pick a subject that is not industry-specific but holds great meaning community-wise. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people were locked into their own homes, it was not a time to zealously promote your products. You can share information that may be beneficial to a broad section of people in general. In addition, use SEO for Podcasts so your content reaches the right audience.

It is crucial to build a strong sense of community in a unique, compelling, and exciting way. You can choose to participate in conversations actively and motivate users to have discussions of shared concerns. Let’s say, for instance, you are a hair care line; it does not hurt to talk about waxing, threading, or dandruff. This approach will establish your credibility as a brand and develop your audience’s trust.

Wrapping Up

Podcasting marketing goes beyond the boundaries of broadcasting products and services. You can define your audience and rope in more people to learn about your brand. You can cultivate a compelling brand identity. It also helps brands develop a unique and distinctive name that is synonymous with authenticity, reliability, and relevance.

Through podcasts, you ensure that you are fresh in your audience’s minds. They will perceive you as a strong leader in the industry and trust your abilities as a service provider.

Are you planning to expand your marketing endeavors to podcasting as well? We have an expert team that can support your dreams and help transform your vision into reality. At UsePerWish, we bring a blend of innovative tools and top-notch strategies to take your marketing to the next level. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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