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Learn How to Build a Website

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Building a website might sound a bit intimidating but doing so is not as complex as your imagination.

The truth is, it’s easier than ever, thanks to the dozens of web hosting providers and website builders present especially for beginners. Regardless of which option you choose, we believe this guide can help you build your very own website within 5 easy steps.

But make no mistakes, building a website will still require hard work but you don’t have to be a developer for this task anymore. All you need to have is a little resilience and the will to go over the necessary steps to build a brand-new website on your own.

If you are unfamiliar with domains and hosting, don’t worry—everything is explained in simple English. We’ve provided concise, understandable instructions for each potential roadblock.

Let’s get to it.

5 Steps to Make a Website

Select a Domain Name

First things first: a name is necessary for any website.

Your website just cannot work without a name, commonly referred to as a domain name. Consider it like a house’s street address: your domain name is the address, and your website is the house.

There are certain guidelines to follow while selecting a domain name:

  1. When creating a website for a business, be sure the domain name corresponds with the name of the company
  2. Your complete name is a fantastic choice for the domain name if you intend to create a personal blog or website for yourself
  3. If you can, try to obtain version

Remember that there are more than 100 million registered domain names, thus the most desirable ones can already be taken. Don’t worry about it too much, though; if necessary, you can always get another domain name. Don’t acquire a domain name just yet if you don’t have one. In step #2, you can obtain one for nothing.

Among other extensions, domain names typically finish,.net,.org,,.ca, Consider registering version of your domain name if you want it to be accessible to people all over the world. Select extension if you wish to target local visitors from Germany or Canada.

There are some tools that let you find out which domain name has been taken.

The registration procedure is easy. Choose a domain name, check whether it is already taken, and then purchase it. You need to add a few details and then decide if you want to add any paid add-ons.

Hosting Account Creation

Similar to website builders, web hosting is a service that lets you create a website and register a domain name.

You can optimize flexibility and eventually gain access to a wide range of monetization alternatives by selecting the best web hosting package.

You can consider these factors to pick a web hosting from a sea of options:

  1. No two hosting providers offer the same service
  2. Certain websites require certain types of web hosts (such as e-commerce website builders for shopping websites)
  3. Free website builders alternatives will only lead to poor-quality services
  4. Some web hosts’ pricing can skyrocket after contract renewal
  5. Read reviews before picking a web host

It is definitely tempting to pay extra for a feature that you don’t need or pick a cheap web host. But we would advise you to get managed or shared hosting. Even though, the latter one is more affordable you need to go through manual tweaking as per your requirements. Paying a little extra for managed hosting can be done but it will compromise your site security, data backup, and poor SEO performance.

Did you know?

Web hosting stores files for your users to check the website at any time, from any place, and through any platform.

There are notable variations based on performance and reliability regardless of the similar appearance of all web hosts. Do not risk your customers due to a non-functional web server.

Pick a Website Builder

It’s a common practice to use HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and other computer languages for coding each web page. Even though that is one of the best website-building tips it’s only applicable if you are an experienced web developer.

Most of today’s websites are built by using WordPress. CMSs such as WordPress offer the technological “back end” for almost every website. WordPress plugins enable you to add new functionality to your pages, change their design styles, alter them via integrated editors, and integrate custom website themes or templates. Creating pages just takes a few clicks. Creating pages just takes a few clicks.

Did you know that 43.2% of all active websites are blacked out by WordPress? Beginners can make the most of WordPress features.

Once WordPress is up and running, spend some time learning about the functionality of the CMS. Go through each dashboard tab, experiment with various themes and plugins, and create a few test pages.

You will now start working on the actual creation and design of your website. You’ll save a ton of time on this procedure if you are comfortable with the UI.

Arrange the Structure of Your Website

This is one of the most crucial steps to make a website.

By structure, we mean selecting the pages that will be on the website. Additionally, you want to list the essential components of every webpage.

If you’re unsure about the pages your website should have, the following is a crucial list of choices that are beneficial to the majority of websites:

  1. Home page
  2. About us
  3. Contact us
  4. Shop
  5. Blog
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first time building a website, we advise you to check out other websites that are comparable to yours and are aimed at the same target market. If you start a culinary blog, for instance, observe the layout of existing food websites. Put another way, research the opposition.

You should be able to choose which pages and components to include based on this. Make a list of everything you’ve learned, and save aside some of your favorite pages for future reference. They are the ones you should consult when designing.

Logo And Favicon Inclusion

Once your website has a structure and content, you are already set to go live. It is pivotal to add logos and favicons to conclude the process. You can add these features through the “Site Identity” option.

Select the appearance, customize, and site identity options chronologically followed by the select logo option in the logo section. Choose and update the logo from your image library and it will instantly reflect on your completed website.

Display your logo on the URL bar next to the website name with a favicon addition. You can upload the favicon from the site icon area in the site identity menu.

Side Note: Integrate the website with Google Search Console for superior results. This is one of the best Website Building Tools that will allow you to track search engine traffic and find the most popular content among your target audience.

Bottom Line

That’s all! Voila! Your website is ready to go live. But expect some difficulties to come at bay if this is your first time building a website.

If such an incident occurs, you can always come to the experts at User Per Wish. You don’t have to go through the mundane procedure of website building anymore as our expert web developers can get it done within minutes.

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