No. As we do not guarantee sales of products/services, we do not entertain cold calling services.
The virtual assistants at Use Per Wish mainly use English language as the mode of communication. Besides showing proficiency in English, they are also well-versed in certain Indian languages such as Hindi and Bengali.
Yes! We receive ASAP/urgent tasks even through chat. However, our chat services are mainly meant to answer client enquiries. Therefore, it would be suggested to send us tasks via email or Skype.
Yes! Whether it’s about flight / hotel bookings, scheduling official meetings or itinerary planning, we assist our clients thoroughly. Our expert virtual assistants can manage all travel related tasks with utmost expertise.
As you send tasks to our VAs, they would get back to you within 8 hours and ensure its completion. However, not all kinds of tasks can be completed within 8 hours. In that case, you’ll receive an interim at the end of the day from the executive. As the executive progresses further with that task, he/she will keep you updated.
Yes! Whether it’s a weekend or a public holiday, we are available 24/7. Hence, be rest assured of having a virtual assistant at your service as per your requirements.
Feel free to communicate with your VA via Skype, live chat or phone.
Of course! We do have a referral programme. Get further information on this by emailing us at info@useperwish.com.
Yes! You can add multiple email addresses to one account.
Generally, we do not concede any refund. Instead, we recompense the equivalent hours. To know more about this, get in touch with our customer service desk. just click here
If you want to get quotations for web development projects, just click here .
SEO requirements can be undertaken under purchased "Use Per Wish" hours. As far as time estimation and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)/Paid Marketing are concerned, please feel free to consult with us. just click here
If you have unused hours left in your account, you can use those any time. However, if you cancel your membership, the remaining hours would lapse and you won’t be able to use those anymore in the future.