100 Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Do To Save You Time

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Virtual Assistant Services are designed to help you roll smoothly in your business endeavours. Especially during the early years when you focus hugely on taking it off the ground.

Your business indeed requires you to be on top of things. However, you can ease up a little once you have already framed a roadmap for people to follow.

Hiring Virtual Assistants for some of your most time-consuming operations will help you reach more scalable heights and generate a profitable business model.


Hire a Virtual Assistant and you never have to worry about the following things-

  • Managing your time
  • Additional costs on salaries and training
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Quality of work

In this article, we will list 100 virtual assistant services for you to pick from so you can decide for yourself what service you would like to outsource.

Administrative Assistance

1. Schedule Management

Virtual assistants can arrange meetings, notify all attendees and set your calendar neat with no overlapping dates. They can simply put priority tags to work and help you stay organized.

2. CRM Management

Customer Relationship management is crucial in building a positive rapport with your customers. A Virtual Assistant can help you collate data, store essential information and organize or remove old customer details, and duplicate entries.

3. Arrange Meetings

Meetings often flow over time, or some other important work might need your expert supervision. A Virtual Assistant will know their way around to reschedule, cancel or push in some tasks to arrange more time.

4. Travel Bookings

Virtual Assistants will book your tickets, book you a hotel as per your budget, plan the itinerary keeping all essential requirements in mind, handle travel delays, and keep you posted on International travel guidelines.

3. Research Tasks

Research and Development is an important part of any company. Data, facts, and figures change every waking minute. Virtual Assistants can perform market research, conduct competitor analysis, and research the latest trends to help you outperform your competitors.

6. Planning events

Events require coordination with vendors and other operational teams, sending invites, booking venues or creating a virtual setup, and timing the event perfectly. A Virtual Assistant will plan out an amazing event.

7. Note Taking

Often in meetings, we share confidential information. A Virtual Assistant can diligently take notes for you. Your employees will not be torn between missing out on important details and understanding everything wholeheartedly.

8. Formatting Documents

You need your documents to have unique and perfect branding. Virtual Assistants will create a distinguished style for your documents, create a table of contents, and insert headers, footers, diagrams, and graphs wherever necessary.

9. Personal Daily Planner

A Personal Virtual Assistant will keep your daily routine sorted and organized. They can plan your meetings, events and tasks much in advance so you can follow daily and keep your focus on your priorities.

Accounting Assistance

10. Computing, Recording, and Verifying Numerical Data

Virtual Assistants perform advanced levels of computing recording and verifying services. They can classify numerical data and thoroughly check entries for all transactions.

11. Managing Salaries for Employees

While disbursing salaries one needs to tabulate leaves and keep track of loss of pay, bonuses, overtime, provident funds, healthcare, food, travel allowances etc. Virtual assistants can manage all these tasks easily.

12. Checking All Transactions

Big-amount payments are a regular part of standardized business operations. Payments, refunds, investments in raw materials. Virtual assistants can easily keep a tab on all transactions and help you keep a check on your budgeting goals.

13. Tracking Employee Reimbursements

Reimbursements may be for an event, office supplies, health benefits, shifting expenditures, or travel expenses. A Virtual Assistant will monitor the minutest expenses and reimburse the amounts right in time.

14. Preparing General Ledgers and Invoices

A Virtual Assistant works to prepare ledgers and send invoices to clients, contractors, and customers. They can also create statements for internal operations.

15. Clearing Bills Before the Deadline

When you have different teams operating for you, there are chances that a flood of bills flow in from all directions. If it’s not paid in time, it may gravely affect your business. A virtual assistant will keep checks on monthly and yearly subscriptions and keep your desk clean of any bills.

16. Reconciling Credit Card Statement

Record credit card exchanges and transactions in a perfect manner with the help of your Virtual Assistant. Your agent will ensure that your statements are error-free and accurate.

17. Reconciling Vendor’s Statement

Vendors’ transactions require precise attention to maintain transparency. Your Virtual Assistant bookkeeper will keep an eye on all transactions and statements to ensure both parties are on the same page.

18. Reconciling Bank Account Statement

Clean and transparent bank account statements are rewarded by multiple government schemes and interested investors. Virtual Assitant will have the necessary skills and knowledge to keep books crystal clear.

19. Preparing Financial Documents

Virtual Assistants can use sophisticated software to record yearly financial statements. Make it easy for you to understand so you can analyze the growth of your company at a glance.

20. Assisting with Quarterly or Annual Taxes

Reporting sales tax can become a complicated matter for business owners. Trained and experienced virtual assistants can calculate taxes, create the report and submit it to the right authorities in a jiffy.

21. Generating a trial balance statement

A trial balance statement combines the credit and debit transaction statements to create a double-entry document. An experienced virtual assistant can sort all of this for you faster than you think.

22. Preparing profit and loss account statement

Calculating Profit or Loss can be a driving factor in preparing a future strategy. You can hire a Virtual Assistant to prepare daily reports on expenditures and revenue generation for a financial year.

23. Identifying spending patterns

Identifying what areas a brand has expenditures will enable Business owners to trace the areas where cutting costs is possible. Virtual assistants can track your spending patterns and help you interpret them.

24. Preparing balance sheet statement

A balance sheet is a financial statement that offers a piece of information on company assets, market value, loans shareholders’ shares, and investments. A Virtual Assistant will keep all this data neatly recorded for you.

25. Fact-checking figures for accuracy

Mistakes are inevitable. It is natural for anyone to make errors. However, even a little error in recording numbers can significantly affect your business. It is always a good idea to employ someone experienced to double-check to avoid typographical errors.

Writing & Editing

26. Writing blog posts

Blog posts are an interesting way to gain more audience and hence more customers. Virtual assistants can write impeccable and SEO Friendly content to reach your target audience organically.

27. Writing other content

You can hire a Virtual Assistant to write your company ebooks, magazines, manuals, books, newsletters, email funnels, Video scripts, etc. A trained professional will ensure to keep the content is free of grammatical errors and is of supreme quality.

28. Writing or editing audio or video captions or transcriptions

Long and short-form videos are at all-time popularity. With Reels, youtube ads, and other video commercials, you can appeal to larger audiences. Virtual Assistants will write scripts, edit audio, add captions, and remove bloopers to make your videos perfect.

29. Writing social media posts

A Social Media Assistant uses curated tactics and executes ideas across all social media platforms. They plan a content strategy, respond to comments and track the progress of a campaign.

30. Editing & proofreading

Virtual Assistants have expertise in working around multiple software for checking grammar and spelling errors. They also utilize extensions and tools to improve SEO scores for search engines.

31. Email marketing

A virtual assistant handles email marketing by designing and monitoring campaigns, segmenting ids, creating customized templates, examining performance, and tracking CTR.

32. Website and sales page copywriting

Copywriter Virtual Assistants can help with creating engaging and attractive content for the Website. They will look into internal communication management and framing transcripts.

33. Ghostwriting

A virtual assistant ghostwriter writes ebooks, blog posts, articles, or biographies on behalf of someone. They will not take any credit for the work and you can maintain your brand uniformity.

34. Writing product descriptions for e-commerce stores

You can trust the ability of a virtual assistant to create catchy and informative product descriptions to upload across various channels. They will ensure to attract a potential customer base by showcasing all details and portraying a unique brand voice.

35. Grant proposals

An excellent Grant Proposal could help you win funding for your unique idea. It is through the grant itself that your idea is propagated to the authorities. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire a virtual assistant to do the job while you do the rest of the planning.

36. Collecting/editing testimonials

Your existing or new customers base their opinions of your brand on the reviews or testimonials you receive. Virtual Assistants will approach your customers, collect written or video testimonials, and edit them for minor language changes.

37. Letter writing

Today, letters may sound old school but this is an efficient way to maintain confidentiality. Virtual assistants can save you the pain of writing as well as reading countless times for any errors.

38. Podcast scripting

Virtual Assistants will never let you wonder what exciting to post next for your listeners. They will write a script based on your brand voice, and arrange a schedule to fit in a weekly or monthly schedule.

Web Design & Development

39. Book & Album Design

A Virtual Assistant will understand your needs and help convey your message via a unique book or album design. The publishing industry, print media, and photography professionals require special designs to stand out.

40. Social Media Content Creation

A virtual assistant can optimize content and create responsive infographics, carousel posts, and textual and video posts. They engage with your followers, monitor any mentions of your company and tackle negative publicity.

41. Logo Design

Brand Logo is your brand’s identity. Even though it looks simple, it demands attention, skill, and thoughtfulness. virtual assistants can create apt, attractive, and beautiful logo designs that will stay with you as your company grows.

42. Magazine Ad Design

If you work in the print media industry, Magazine articles, layouts, and designs are a daily requirement. Virtual assistants use a combination of simple and complicated tools to design Magazine ads to drive more sales.

43. Poster Design

Printed materials need a particular font size, alignment, colour code, etc that goes into designing a printed poster. Virtual assistants will take everything into account and then design one for you.

44. Promotional Material

Different platforms have different nuances. A skilled virtual assistant will design the best promotional materials to suit the needs of each platform.

45. 2D Animation Design

Partnering with a graphic virtual assistant will help you create wonderful 2D Animation designs. They will write scripts, create concepts, add voiceovers, and add beautiful colours.

46. Brochure Design

A Virtual Assistant will design a legible and comprehensive brochure that is print ready. They will take all your ideas and pour in into a capsule without missing out on any vital information.

47. 3D Animation Design

3D Animation is the most interactive form of design and brings exceptional value to your brand. A Virtual Assistant will create Animated Explainers, logos, Website or app previews, and short video advertisements.

Digital Marketing

48. Website Management

Virtual assistants post blog posts, update website content, check and eliminate broken links, and monitor performance and site interaction. They also improve the back end and ensure that website doesn’t crash.

49. Social Media Management

A social media virtual assistant will create profiles across all social media platforms and schedule posts. They make sure that you never lose your hue before your online audience.

50. Blog Management

A Virtual Assistant manages blog performance by proofreading and editing, creating graphics to support the content, researching new blog ideas, and managing the editorial calendar.

51. SEO Research

SEO is essential to keep you relevant and on top of your competitors. a virtual assistant will help to optimize the website so you can easily reach your potential customers. They can target a particular age group or geographical location so your reach leads to conversions.

52. Content Marketing Strategy

Virtual assistants can implement an amazing content marketing strategy to benefit your company. They execute your ideas with exact precision to enhance brand value and drive more conversion rates.

53. Google Adverts

Google Ads can help you generate revenue as well as publicize your products and services. A Virtual Assistant will help you improve your advert game by following search engine rules and creating user-friendly content.

54. Customer Service

Handling customers is a full-time job. By hiring a Customer Support Virtual Assistant, you can ensure 24/7 support across all social media handles, provide live chat support, improve email communications, and also serve via phone.

55. Competitive Analysis

Competitor analysis is crucial to understand your standing in the industry. A Virtual Assistant can enlist your competitors, closely look into their strengths and weaknesses, and helps to establish your unique selling point.

56. Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing is a wonderful way to promote your products. Virtual Assistants research affiliate opportunities and produce a fruitful strategy to increase your sales.

57. Generating Leads

A VA for lead generation will segment your audience, and identify potential conversions. They then communicate through different channels to propagate your ideas. These Virtual Assistants have useful strategies to aid lead generation and thus contribute to your growth.

Video Editing

58. Editing Raw Footage

Virtual Assistants edit raw footage and turn it into a visual treat for your audience. They specialize in formatting and editing to set the correct tone and achieve your goal for that video.

59. Removing Bloopers

Bloopers are inevitable. A Virtual Assistant can save your day by trimming any unimportant section, eliminating audio issues, and thus creating a seamless streaming experience.

60. Organizing And Compiling Footage

A Virtual Assistant Video editor will organize and compile a series of footage together. They ensure that the transition between scenes is smooth, and add engaging titles, and attractive texts to make the videos impactful.

61. Inserting Narration

A video editing virtual assistant can add fitting music, insert a voiceover, and dialogue conversations in your videos. These trained professionals have access to a wide range of music to best suit the mood and tone of your video content.

62. Adding Subtitles

Adding subtitles in different regional or international languages will help transcend the language barriers and appeal to a wider audience. You can hire virtual assistants proficient in both languages who can do it for you.

63. Adding Intros And Outros

Virtual assistants can beautify the beginning and the end of the video. They can add logos, animations, graphics, and title sequences to enhance the face of the video.

64. Editing Order Of Video Clips

Virtual Assistants can perform extensive editing tasks such as Reposition video clips, adding special effects or transitions, making timeline adjustments, and more.

65. Finalizing Video Review

Virtual assistants can conduct an audit to check for any errors or mistakes in the video. They will check if the audio and video are in sync, any discontinuity, correct the colour grading and look for any misses.

66. Publishing on YouTube

A video editing assistant will help you publish the videos on YouTube with appropriate thumbnails. They work on SEO to make the video appear in popular searches and look for monetization opportunities.

IT Support

67. Software Misbehavior and Problem

Virtual Assistants can help you solve many complex technical problems. They will help you with updating the systems, fixing download issues, enhancing speed and performance, and preventing malware attacks.

68. Browser Issues

In a browser, often problems with formatting and loading arise. This leads to missing links and images, non-responsive buttons on the website, and much more. Virtual assistants will help eliminate all these problems.

69. Virus / Malware / Spyware Issues

Virus malware and spyware can insert deep into the system, corrupt files, decrease the speed, and hamper performance. It can also redirect you to malicious websites and compromise your confidentiality. Virtual assistants will uproot the issues effectively.

70. Cloud Backup

Virtual assistants can perform automatic or manual backups for you. They will monitor the progress of backups and check if it happens at scheduled times.

71. Speed Optimization (Defragmentation, Disk Health Check)

Hard disks require regular maintenance The hard drive or virtual disk may encounter slow performance issues or frozen problems. Virtual assistants, detect and treat such issues with the use of proper software.

72. Fix Windows Update Problems

Due to certain glitches in the system, you might fail to update Windows. An error code may appear when you try to install Windows updates. Virtual assistants are well-trained to troubleshoot the issues for you.

73. File Management

IT Virtual assistants can segregate and organize documents and files by generating a cloud-based system. Classify files based on type and category.

74. Registry Issue

A Registry stores all necessary information that helps with system configuration for various users, applications, and multiple hardware devices. Virtual Assistants troubleshoot any issues with the registry and ensure smooth functioning.

75. Mac backup an app to the network server

A Virtual Assistant will help you move your Windows PC to Mac, create a backup, and aid migration.

76. CCTV Monitoring

Virtual Assistants can help you safeguard your assets, and protect your property from any criminal invasion. Virtual assistants can monitor surveillance and alert security officials in time.

77. IP-Phone System Setup

Businesses require communication exchanges for dealing with clients and customers. Virtual assistants can facilitate IP Phone System setup to enable internet calling.

78. Various Application Installation

Business operations function on countless software, applications, and other vital installations. Virtual assistants will understand your business requirements and install the free or paid apps that are crucial to perform all activities.

79. Screen Casting Software for Windows

Screencasting will save you the time and effort of repeating the same thing over and over. With screencasting technology, you can instruct, advise, explain, and provide demonstrations.

80. Microsoft Office Installation & Support

Virtual Assistants will help you with Microsoft Office installation and management. They run tests to identify the issues and fix the issues completely.

81. Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive Management

Your file management systems require organization, storage, and proper documentation. Virtual assistants can handle file management systems, and introduce new features if required.

82. Downloading Webinars and Converting to Suitable Format

Arranging meetings and hosting webinars is a frequent necessity in an organization. Virtual assistants can download your webinar so you can share it across various channels, they can also convert it to a different format.

83. E-Fax installation

E-Fax installation facilitates the transmission of sensitive and critical information. This will help reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive fax machines. Virtual assistants can easily help you install.

84. Hosting Migration and Upgradation

It is rewarding to maintain a fully responsive and functional website. Virtual assistants will help you choose a proper hosting service, migrate your existing website to a different hosting plan, and upgrade it as per your requirements.

85. Hosting Account Setup and Maintenance

A VA will ensure to set up and maintain your hosting account, run timely updates, and comply with the rules of hosting account.

86. Domain Transfer and WordPress Migration

In a Domain transfer, the domain is transferred to a different registrar while migration means copying all content from the existing domain to a different site altogether. A Virtual Assistant can make you accomplish both such goals.

Graphic Design

87. Branded Characters

Several brands opt for brand mascots for marketing purposes. It is a popular marketing tool. People find it connecting and relatable. A Virtual Assistant can help you develop a unique brand mascot for you.

88. Flyers

Using flyers can generate unique opportunities to use more colours, design your texts, and add wondrous elements. Virtual assistants can design it so that you can reach your super busy audiences.

89. Brochures

A Professional Virtual Assistant will constrict all valuable information and make it concise to fit in a page or two. This brochure can be easily shared with potential customers or clients who wish to know about your business. It can be digital as well as physical.

90. Animation

A graphic design virtual assistant will create animated videos or short clips. They incorporate animated clips, do voiceovers, and add texts to propagate your ideas to your target audience.

91. Infographics

Infographics are a combination of images and critical information to send an effective message. A Virtual assistant understands the psychology behind content consumption and creates powerful infographics.

92. Guides

Complicated products, DIY Items, and extensive services require manuals or guides. Guides can help customers understand the complexities. Virtual assistants can design guides to bridge the gap between your brand and customers.

93. Book Covers

A professional graphic designer virtual assistant will help you create a concept for the book cover that best reflects the content of your book.

94. E-book Designs

E-books have gained popularity due to the ease of handling a device, and the ready-to-read anywhere feature. A Virtual Assistant will create engaging and visually appealing designs.

95. Print Design

You can design cool prints for t-shirts, pens, bottles, mugs, and many other goods. You can distribute goodies among your employees and also hold giveaways.

96. Image editing

A graphic designer has hands-on experience with sophisticated software to create a magnificent, colour-popping photograph for you.

97. Branded Stationary

A virtual assistant can create amazing designs for your office stationeries such as envelopes, business cards, or letterheads.

98. Business Cards

A professional virtual assistant will make sure that your business card is not shoved aside. It will demonstrate your brand’s image consistently across all collaterals.

99. Website Graphics

It is up to you to grab your visitors’ attention within the first few seconds of their interaction with your website. A virtual assistant will ensure that your website is responsive, engaging, and interesting.

100. Social Media Graphics

Your Social Media needs a well-planned strategy. It is extremely essential to understand little nuances. A virtual assistant will work to figure out what strategy will work best for you and advise you accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Virtual Assistants can free you up from performing easy but tedious tasks. It will help you manage your time better.

A VA can provide a wide range of services as we listed above. By delegating your tasks, you reap the benefits of professional support at cost-effective rates.

Trusting your work will enable you to scale your business and help you reach tremendous growth.

Use Per Wish professionals possess the ability to perform all your day-to-day tasks and create multiple avenues to skyrocket your business. Contact us today!

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