Good content is like an oasis in a desert that pulls people in and answers their queries or problems. 

Value-adding content drives traffic, helps your business rank high in the search engine, and builds a brand image. But the most important of all — content helps generate sales.

That’s why it is crucial to have well-planned content on your website, flawless in writing, and well structured to address customers’ pain points. 

This article will discuss ten tips that will help you write engaging and valuable content

Figure out the purpose

Before you start writing on any topic, try to determine an objective that you want to achieve. Having a purpose like providing any information, spreading awareness, or trying to make sales, etc., will guide you better when writing your content.

Keyword research

Keywords are beneficial in linking your content to relevant search queries. If you are writing a blog about your vegan bakery, then using the right keywords like vegan cupcakes, plant-based cakes, gluten-free, etc., will help people looking to buy vegan things and find your bakery easily. Not only that, even long-tail keywords (lengthy yet specific keywords), such as vegan bakery near Fresno Chaffee Zoo, are super effective in terms of SEO. 

Prepare an outline of your content 

It is always advised that you have an outline prepared about the things that your piece of writing will contain. This way, you can keep your work on track and keep it within the word limit. Researching in advance will help you plan your content better. Use credible and authentic sources. If you are going to use data and statistics, make sure to give the correct references.

An attention-grabbing headline and a catchy hook

People, especially on the internet, constantly get bombarded with tons of information every day. So why would someone give your content their time? That’s why your headlines need to stand out and yet stay relevant to the topic. Similarly, the beginning of your writing should, in a bite, give an idea about what your content is and hook in the reader to keep them engaged. 

Use an easy flowing language

Writing hard-to-read big paragraphs, poorly constructed ideas, and abrupt language without any connection to the other passages will make any reader lose interest. Most people have a short attention span and therefore want to read and understand quickly. Thus, furnish your content in an easy-to-read way using vocabulary and sentences that can be understood effortlessly without the reader having to run over to fetch a dictionary or, worse, leave your content.

Write for your online audience

Your writing should always change depending on the audience for whom you are going to write. Similarly, use references and writing styles that would fit your audience. If you are writing content about a fashion style popular among Gen Z but use a more academic writing style, it defeats the purpose of addressing your audience.

Plug in a call to action

“Call-to-actions” are very important, and they serve as a gentle nudge that makes your reader want to take action depending on your motive behind writing any content. It can be something like making them check out your website, asking them to try a demo of your service, or subscribing to your newsletters. 

Adopt the best SEO practices

Your content is for the human readers, but the SEO practices you implement are for the search engines to understand your content better and rank it higher on the search engine ranking page. Avoid keyword stuffing (inserting too many keywords without any context) and place your keyword strategically throughout the content. Use proper heading tags and make sure to hyperlink your keywords properly.

Lookup for grammar, spellings, and meanings

It is always better to check the meaning of words, spellings, or grammar because sometimes, as humans, we misunderstand and make mistakes. There is no harm in being thorough.

Review your work

Lastly, always get your work reviewed. A fresh perspective will give you better ideas and opinions. If you feel stuck, take a break, sleep on it or do something else and come back with a fresh mind. You will see your writing in a different light.

Keep in mind that your content should target and help the audience and likewise benefit your brand. There should be a harmonious blend of both.

So do not underestimate the power of good content. Get a solid content strategy planned out today with the help of Useperwish’s digital marketing and content management team.

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