5 PPC Strategies to Vouch For In 2022

Does your pay-per-click advertising strategy comprise evergreen practices like choosing the correct keywords, data-based optimization, segmentation, and then targeting your audience? If yes, you are doing it all right.

But then, you are also clinging on to the conventional methods of PPC marketing forever. Companies grow, the behaviors of your consumers shift, and platforms evolve. Online marketing is all set to witness substantial growth and up to your game.

So to keep up with this incessant change, you must revolutionize your PPC campaign and make the best of Facebook, TikTok, and Google.

Now when I say ‘revolutionize,’ I do not mean going rogue and implementing anything and everything you can. You need to use each of these platforms based on their current paid advertising trends, or else you could end up wasting your resources.

2022 looks quite promising for all search marketers. So, without further ado, let us have a quick look at the trending PPC strategies you can implement.

PPC Strategies

Top 5 Trends for Your 2022 PPC Ad Campaigns 

  1. Audience-Centric Content 
  2. Locate and Remove Poorly Performing Keywords
  3. Automate with A Human Touch
  4. Know the Right Time to Schedule Your Ads 
  5. SaaS Marketing
  • Audience-Centric Content 

Another PPC campaign management trend can be an absolute game changer for global marketers. For a long time, the focus for pay-per-click advertising strategies has been creating algorithm-pleasing content, wherein the reader’s attention comes in as a reward. 

However, in 2022, there is bound to be a shift in this content approach. 

As algorithms keep evolving, they are employing changes to improve audience experience by developing audience-centric content. After all, isn’t it all about being able to take a look at the larger picture and gauge what your audience wants?

While it may look like more work for marketers and businesses, this is the right step for online content and its audience. It is a trend that you must adopt for all your PPC campaigns in 2022. 

  • Locate and Remove Poorly Performing Keywords

Keywords in a PPC ad campaign are more like a celebrity’s PR Team. They can make or break your brand and its pay-per-click advertising strategy. So, while reviewing your keywords, it is vital to identify the ones that are underperforming.

This poor performance might result from low search volume or bid value. But that is not always the case. It might also signify a high cost per lead. The keywords might be too restrictive or broad to attract substantial clicks in other cases. 

To understand why your keywords have been underperforming, play around with your existing bidding strategy to decrease the cost per conversion. If that does not work, consider removing those keywords. 

  • Automate With a Human Touch

While advertising platforms continue to make the most of automation facilities to ease ad management, it is not exactly a cakewalk.

PPC Managers must manually monitor and guide automation to attain the best results. For example, campaigns that use intelligent bidding strategies should be tweaked and monitored from time to time to regulate Target ROAS or Target CPA.

Smart Creatives like responsive display ads and responsive search ads need to be reviewed for their performance on distinct assets.

So, make sure you do not forget to add that little human touch to your pay-per-click advertising campaigns in 2022.

  •     Know the Right Time to Schedule Your Ads 

If you think of it, PPC ads can be run at any point in time. But if you are already aware that your target audience rarely interacts with your social pages or business on a Tuesday morning, it makes no sense for your ad to knock on their social door like an unwanted guest.

So, should you permanently avoid running ads during low traffic periods? Not really, but running them strategically at the right time will get you higher returns on investment.

Determine the times your ad performs the best in a week using the built-in analytics offered by Google Ads. Once you know when and which ads are performing significantly well, you can adjust your bidding accordingly.

Now here’s a small pro tip. Avoid implementing the most expensive keywords at hours when they are unlikely to grab many eyeballs.

  • SaaS Marketing 

The advent of Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms in the last few years has taken a great deal of pressure off brands to pick an optimum software to back their success rates in the market. 

As the Software evolves, upgrades, and improves, it is only fair to say that a purchased software might look superfluous the day you install it, while constant updates can be a tad irritating. SaaS enables a business to possess the most effective and up-to-date software based on a pay-as-you-go model. 

SaaS marketing has undeniably altered marketing strategies for every PPC management agency and marketer alike. It is a trend that is all set for impressive growth in 2022. 

As PPC ad strategies keep evolving, make sure that your PPC expert is always top of the trending list. While there might be some new options, you may also encounter a few familiar techniques that continue to build and grow. It does not rule out the relevance of PPC trends followed in 2021, but you must implement the upcoming trends of 2022 to secure a winning edge in the market. 

Along the way, if you falter or need a PPC management agency for guidance, we are here for you. Our digital marketing experts at Use Per Wish are ever-enthusiastic to help you out with your PPC Ad ventures. We are just a call away

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