The Power of Branding: How Creative Design Services Can Elevate Your Brand Identity

Brand Identity

A brand becomes a signature that people want to associate with. The effect of branding is such that when one wears a dress or shoes the brand name becomes synonymous with the product. For example, one may say they are wearing a Nike or Dolce Gabbana instead of saying I am wearing an outfit or a sneaker. A good brand reflects quality, longevity, level of comfort it offers just with the mention of its name.

Building a trustworthy brand takes time and consistent effort. In today’s world, it starts with creating a well-designed digital brand identity. It means taking care of the logo, selecting an appropriate colour palette and design, and choosing the right screen layout.

Here in this article, we will share our assembled insights on how to build an authoritative and trustworthy brand image and identity through the aid of graphic design.

What is meant by a Brand?

A brand is a symbol and an epitome of all that a company has to offer and also the emotional ties a customer feels with the brand. It is a creative and careful blend of all the aspects of brand messaging.

A brand can be defined as an entity that sets the right expectations with its audience regarding its services. It creates memories and tells stories to its audiences. It notices consumers’ likes and dislikes to produce and generate products and services that make consumers’ lives easier. It provides customers with a reason to choose them over all other existing brands.

Brands have various aspects of visual branding such as logo design, website layout, typography, personality, and responsibility. In addition to all these palpable features, brands also possess the inherent ability to invoke emotions, narrate history and offer a human touch. The vibrant and variable experience it generates tends to separate the same type of products and services from one another.

Brand Identity

A brand is a phenomenally emotional and psychological idea communicated through various mediums. Brand identity is what you see. It is a visual representation of a deep-rooted underlying mission statement.

A brand identity establishes its firm presence in front of a wide audience and also works to rope them in as customers. It works towards building a consistent brand identity to reinforce its position in a competitive market. There should be uniformity among the brand style, and management irrespective of the medium through which the brand message is propagated.

A brand should be flexible and work at a faster pace to supply the increasing demands.

How to Build an Impeccable Brand Identity Design?

Developing a brand identity design is a methodical process of designing a logo, selecting an appropriate colour palette, choosing artistic typography, etc.

There are 6 exotic ingredients to create a delicious recipe for a powerful, consistent, and unique brand identity. Let us look into this one by one.

Setting the Brand Purpose and Position

The primary step in establishing a wondrous brand identity is finding your company’s purpose and position. The purpose is the reason why you exist. What are your prime customer offerings? And how is your brand offering better than what your competitors offer? Handle branding sensibly with well-researched answers for all queries.

Arielle Jackson, a Google veteran, custom-made a Venn diagram to represent how you can define a successful branding strategy. The Venn diagram looks like one circle consisting of worldly occurrences relevant to your business, and the second circle shows your brand’s best offerings and services. The overlapping region defines how your company offers a resolution to the issues. This is essentially the purpose of your brand.

Once you have defined your brand statement and purpose, your next step is to make your purpose known and acceptable to your customers.

Extensive Market Research and Analysis

A market analysis can be done online through the various available resources. It is extremely significant in understanding cultural tension, competition, and your strengths and weaknesses.

You can read interviews and even have one yourself with market experts, and target audience. Having in-depth conversations with people, in general, will help you understand how you can provoke people’s emotions and sell your product or service. There are multiple techniques to strike meaningful conversations. You can have telephonic interviews and online surveys on different platforms. Survey tools help immensely in gathering information via government resources and others.

Conducting market research will help you build a customer persona. Now this persona is not the same as the target audience. By laying down a target audience you are limiting your horizon by creating a problem and solution duo. Whereas, defining a customer persona means understanding a customer’s traits, professions, and behaviour. This helps in understanding what kind of personality you would like to give to your own brand.

Pleasant Brand Personality

Giving a personality to a brand is about creating a character for a story or a movie. What traits would you like your brand to possess? Deciding on a brand personality means rightfully choosing the language, setting the tone, and giving a voice. The communication is smooth and dedicated. For example, suppose you are building a personal brand as a motivational speaker. The language will be free from abuses, and there should be the use of sublime words. But the same will not be the case if you own a roasting channel.

Having decided on a type of personality your brand will have, you should list down a few features and attributes that your brand will have.

Easy and Memorable Logo Design

Logo design is a symbol of your brand identity. It is an iconic semblance of what your business represents. It should be in line with all the other elements of your brand identity.

Before setting out to create a logo, ask yourself questions like is it easy to draw? Can the layout be compatible across all existing marketing channels? Is it future-proof and evocative? Does it tell your story? Etc.

A memorable brand reflects simplicity. For instance, take the example of logos from popular entities such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Instagram, or even Pepsi.

When a customer is casually navigating through the icons which are the small versions of a logo, they should remember your brand name by the way it looks. They should not have to look at the base to read the name of your brand for identification.

Introduce Exciting Colors

Besides logo design, brand colours are also crucial for building a successful brand. Big companies take the help of colour theory to explore all their options.

Colours represent varied emotions. Iike white represents peace, red reflects passion, and yellow is about attention. Colours have psychological impacts on the audiences. Create a fusion of colours with your own colour tones. Different shades of the same colour may convey different stories. Dark blue may vibe well with dark themes and night modes while light blue is more about hope and tranquility.

Creative designers can choose some block primary colours to work with and then create a set of secondary colours to mix and match. This will generate an opportunity to develop a palette for a variety of pain points in the target audience.

Elite Typography

Finding the right font that will work exceptionally well with your logo design and the rest of the digital content can be excruciating. It may put you under a lot of pressure to explore thousands of font styles, sizes and colours. You cannot look back once you have selected appropriate colours, fonts and other attributes.

Fonts are very powerful in communicating your message vividly. A good font should ensure that your message is conveyed in an easy and sophisticated way without putting a strain on your audience.

You can follow the following tips to ensure that your font is well-chosen:

  • Avoid overlapping fonts
  • Use headlines more often
  • Use a maximum of two fonts within a single document
  • Ensure to define font size and spacing for all your documents
  • Minimalism can be your buddy. Choose simple, bold and large fonts so it is easily legible

Now there are never any rules to creativity. Experiment with different ideas and figure out the ideal option for your brand. And who knows, maybe you will start to make completely unique brand identity for your company.

Bottom Line

Having a unique and impeccable brand identity will ensure that your audience trusts you better. The marketplace is filled with competitors. The audiences always have ample options. Ensure that your brand is the first choice for your target audience in this competitive market. There is always a possibility to find some perk or the other. However, when you build a trustworthy and high-personality brand identity, people tend to believe in you and want to associate with you. Selectively curating a creative design for your brand is a strategic step in building an extremely strong foundation.

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