YouTube Short Videos Guide: How to Get Noticed

Trending YouTube short videos work the same way as TikTok or Instagram reels. Vloggers and online influencers now have this additional option to highlight unique and impressive content to the world through the brand-new platform.

YouTube analyzed the performance and rate of success of TikTok and Insta reels and created a unique “micro-video” platform of their own. The GenZ audience relates immensely to short-form videos and this was an ideal option for YouTube to reinstate its position in the digital world. The short videos are entertaining, informative, and unique.

A Brief Overview Of YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube Shorts can be shared, shot, and watched time and again as they are only 60 seconds long. People can now share their creative, inspiring, and trending topics with the global audience on any device.

America’s number one video-posting platform, YouTube confirmed that the new platform has considerably improved and engaged the viewership community compared to its competitors like TikTok.

YouTube short videos ensure that they capture the audience’s attention immensely. People are running in full circles to replace commercial breaks between TV shows or OTT shows with these short and entertaining videos that make them laugh or be helpful.

The Remarkable Benefits of YouTube Shorts

Even for videographers or video editors, it takes a considerable amount of time to create superior-quality professional videos. Now, when a layman sees that it is not essential to be a videographer to create short videos, it allows them to showcase their pool of talent equally. Since the shorts are mobile-friendly, creators can share the videos on the go. It helps to save a lot of time and money. This enables video creators to expand their reach and improve their channels, content, and other factors without much effort. Moreover, the mobile-responsive design helps the audiences to view the videos through any device from anywhere around the world.

It creates a sensation that they can connect with their favorite video log creators in real-time due to the crisp and concise features. However, this is not always true. Nevertheless, it helps to build trust among the viewership community to build a loyal audience base and streamline revenue generation.

Qualified and authentic short video channel owners can earn anything from $1000-10,000/month. As you can make these videos quickly and without any experience, creators enjoy making more short videos. It not only improves traffic to their channels but also generates greater revenue compared to long-format content.

As YouTube Shorts is comparatively a new platform to TikTok or Instagram, the application ensures great attention to detail for optimal success and outreach.

So, this is your best chance to make use of this platform and promote your brand image or personal experiences.

A Comprehensive Guide for YouTube Shorts

You can create YouTube Shorts videos easily with mobile-responsive features. Let us check out the following 6 steps to create seamless YouTube short videos:

  1. Enter the App – Tap the ‘Create’ button on the page after you have successfully created or logged in to an existing account. Click the ‘Upload Video’ option once you are ready to publish your work.
  2. Add Audio – Choose from a range of YouTube stock audio or soundtracks to add to your videos once the formatting is ready.
  3. Video Recording – The platform enables video creators to start and stop recording, set a timer, adjust the speed of recording, and merge different clips to create a short video.
  4. Editing YouTube Shorts – It is now possible to add caption filters and video texts. Click the ‘next’ button to add titles once the editing is completed.
  5. Choose your audience– You can now customize your video and share it with the world including all the necessary restrictions that you want. once you are done filming editing and posting your video it is now time for you to share it with your audience.
  6. The final step includes uploading the video so just click on the upload button and you are all ready to share your new shorts with the audience.

How To Create YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts have a time frame of 58 seconds however it is not necessary to use the entire time. most shorts have a time frame of 30 seconds or even less. so if you can get directly to the point and brief of your story within those few seconds you can eliminate the dead air time as well as unnecessary footage.


Consistency is an important factor therefore try to keep the length consistent throughout the videos as it will allow your users to understand your viewpoint and they will know what to expect from you. It is an amazing way to improve audience trust and ensure brand loyalty.


Your audience should be your first priority therefore it is important to know how your content is benefiting all the users and the views and what can you do to make them come back for more. So when you are creating short-form video content you need to provide all the valuable information and make sure to entertain the users so that they come back to visit your profile again.

Audience Expectation Scope

Setting an example with added value is important hence you need to briefly inform the users about who you are and what kind of shorts you will be sharing with them at the very beginning of each particular video.

Thumbnail Customization

Did you know? You can view the YouTube Shorts as regular videos on the YouTube platform as well. Also, it shows the video thumbnail on the feed. So, when you are choosing a thumbnail go for something that is eye-catching and subtle and can create a difference between the views and the new subscribers. However, if you do not choose a particular thumbnail YouTube will do that for you and pull a still photo from your video but the point is are you willing to take that chance?

The main factor of YouTube short videos is to keep them simple yet authentic. As most people are strolling your shorts on mobile phones don’t expect them to look out for the fine details or the big chunks of text. Be consistent with the style, frequency, length, and ideas.

Tips for YouTube Shorts

Removing the intro is considered to be a beneficial factor in making sure that your YouTube shorts get maximum views. however for longer videos intro music either on screen or off screen and considered to be a good idea. In the case of shorts adding the intro can still be valuable seconds which might be an important factor in driving the viewer’s attention.

Vertical content is best when it comes to YouTube short videos. As most people are acquainted with that pattern it is better to provide them with what they seek and not something else. Moreover, once you are done it is better to make sure the purpose of your video is clear and concise and does not confuse the viewers.

Another beneficial aspect of YouTube shorts is the loop time. you can increase the time by looping your shots effectively. It is imperative to pay attention to all visible YouTube Shorts details. Nevertheless, it becomes difficult when the videos are unclear and users have to rewatch them multiple times. Subtitle addition is a great way to improve user engagement and video quality.

Start with a single frame to make your YouTube shots more attractive and appealing to the viewers. If you didn’t know by now YouTube offers a 1-second pause to begin each Shorts. You can take advantage of this condition by replacing your introduction with a single frame. Also, use an image thumbnail at the start of each video short. Include unique titles and images to fascinate viewers.

At times while watching YouTube shorts, you might come across pinned comments. These can add to user engagement and encourage the viewers to check out your channel or even your website.

The entire social media especially YouTube and Instagram is run entirely using hashtags. Hashtags are an important part of short-form video content especially if they are concise. You can incorporate important hashtags in your description and at the very end of your title if you think it is valuable to the overall video that you are creating.

Wrapping Up!

Social media is now an important tool. When it comes to expanding your business and your channel and website. Using smartphones in a mobile-friendly format and extensive reach is worth giving YouTube short videos a try.

The best part is you don’t need expensive equipment or a lot of time to produce these.

Making YouTube short videos is not Rocket Science but it can be a magic bullet. They might not be your ultimate solution to increase your brand reputation however they are an amazing way to increase your project award reach and can multiply conversions as well.

YouTube is a reputed brand worldwide and has a great hold over all industries compared to any other platform. It is always beneficial to invest your time, effort, money, and resources to ensure that your Shorts reach your target audience seamlessly.

YouTube short videos, are going to be there for some time until and unless something else and replaces is it so in the meantime see how it can help to increase your branch marketing.

At the end of the day it might not be possible for you to take care of everything and anything and getting additional assistance at the time of need sounds like a good way to go.

Use Per Wish is there with its team to help you out in this venture of yours. Make unique shorts with catchy images and graphics and that is sure to increase your branch reputation to Greater lengths.

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