Tips To Check If Clickbait Works

Clickbait is often seen in bad light. Within a few years, it has become synonymous with treachery, false information, and whatnot.

Nowadays, creators shy away from making sensational claims as misinformation is predominantly spread.

But what if we tell you that you can effectively do clickbait to grab user attention to your channel or website? Clickbait is a go-to strategy for all marketers to ensure more traffic and engagement to catch up with your high-quality content. That is the whole purpose of clickbaits, right?

You can easily invite traffic but retaining them becomes a struggle. You can easily do it by creating an attractive headline that is even more interesting than the clickbait copy.

Let us go through the nuances, functions, and benefits of clickbait. How can you ethically perform clickbait and gain more traffic? Dive into subtle strategies to make your marketing strategies clickbait-friendly.

A Comprehensive Guide for Clickbait

Are you wondering what Clickbait is and how it helps you to grow your brand? It is an iconic content marketing strategy where attractive content helps to generate clicks from users. It usually comprises of the following components:

  1. A catchy headline
  2. Content that evokes strong emotions
  3. A scannable that can be read on the web
  4. Interesting copy
  5. Content with scope for social media shares

Clickbait may seem like a new idea that propagated with the dawn of online video platforms, But that is not the case. Clickbait has been predominantly used in print media since its inception. Print media channels were competing for reader attention in the 19th century. This is when they realized adding catchy titles and headlines attracts more audiences. The same technique is used in print media to date.

In websites and blogs also it is very common. You might have seen how people creators post their content in the form of a listicle. For instance, the blog post is titled “Top 5 ways to improve your clickbait techniques”. This marketing technique has proven effective in attracting more clicks.

There are multiple types of clickbaits. Let us take a look at a few of them:

Types of Clickbait

You can use clickbait on numerous marketing mediums such as videos, blogs, advertisements, news articles, etc. Listicles are the most common and popular ones. Among others are how-to posts, and informative articles published on trending and current topics.

A few examples of clickbait headings that work like magic are given below:

“Top X ways to _______________”

“Best Places to _____________ in Connecticut”

“A comprehensive guide to ___________________”

You might have come across Clickbait headlines on YouTube video titles.

Does Clickbait Work?

Clickbait has a terrible reputation as most people click on a video by checking the clickbait YouTube thumbnail or opening a blog after reading the headline. However, the content offers misleading information that does not bode well with people. You can attract viewers ethically without incorporating any misleading information within your headings.

Clickbaits do not work because of the misleading content, it works when the heading connects with the human psyche, piques their curiosity, and stirs their emotions.

Marketers frame their heading to ensure readers that they are going to know some new facts when they press the link. When you add real value and meaning to your high – quality content, you keep your customers engaged for a long time.

If you constantly display misleading information with a stellar headline, you may experience a sudden boost in views and clicks but with time your page traffic begins to stagnate. Your growth will stop and even degrade.

Why is Clickbait Important?

Clickbait is an effective tool to measure your success online. When you do not have many visitors reaching your website, you miss an opportunity to speak directly to them. A clickbait marketing strategy will help you have more clicks and more people to communicate your proposition to.

You do not have to use false information to hook your audience. Use catchy phrases such as “7 Amazing Smoothie Recipes To Enjoy in Summer” or “Top 7 Ways to Improve your SEO Strategy for Success in 2024”. The topics we shared have actionable information that caters to a dedicated audience.

Thinking Back from customers always works. You must understand what is it that your audience specifically needs. You should identify their pain points and create content that attempts to resolve their issues. You can educate them with an exciting content copy. 

Clickbait Marketing Strategies You Must Avoid

As we discussed, doing clickbait is like walking on a sword with two edges. Misleading information can lead to public backlash and a heading that isn’t catchy enough will not secure many clicks. Therefore, a marketer needs to strike a balance.

At Present, Social media platforms have also established policies to reduce the use of controversial or sensational headlines.

Google restricts advertisements that use clickbait tacts within text and images to attract more traffic. You must not include the following practices in your clickbait marketing strategies:

  • Never promote the disclosure of exclusive and sensitive information
  • Do not employ phrases like, “Discover more by clicking here…” or “Prepare to be amazed by what unfolded next….”
  • Try not to add edited videos or images that depict calamities.
  • Do not feature comparative images reflecting substantial transformations in the human physique. Such as Weight loss (before and after image comparisons)
  • Never use unfortunate occurrences, such as accidental events, sickness, or crises, to drive engagement from viewers.
  • Do not upload misleading information.

Facebook’s algorithm allows clickbait articles to be positioned far below in the News Feed. If a creator continually shares their clickbait content Facebook restricts the page itself.

So, a winning clickbait strategy  boils down to two things:

  1. Creating true, engaging, and catchy titles
  2. Ensure to offer content that is worth your customer’s attention

Tips and Tricks to Build Effective Clickbait Marketing Strategies

  1. Number your headlines. Attaching numbers to your headlines act as actionable steps that improve readability.
  2. Analyze the performance of your headlines. Compare the performance of different headlines and check which one works the best. Write SEO-friendly blog titles.
  3. Use powerful words such as “Secret”, “easy”, “free”, and “now” to create a psychological impact on readers and pique their interest
  4. Make bold promises and deliver them in your content.

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Write Your First Clickbait Headline

Check out the list of effective tips to help create catchy and engaging headlines that will act like a magnet for your users. Let us take a look at the tips below:

1.   Search Trending Topics on Google Alerts

Google Alerts will notify you when there is any viral news or topic so you can have an edge over your competitors. Combining the latest topics with appropriate keywords is the recipe for a perfect SEO.

2.   Add Value to Your Reader’s Life

Readers are motivated to click on your post in the hope of getting some value in return. In addition to the content, you can also offer gratifying elements such as discounts, free consultations, free products, an informative PDF, or an important industry secret. This will be an effective long-term growth strategy.

3.   Add a Teaser

Adding teasers to your content will keep your audience engaged and motivate them to instantly click on content. You can write headlines such as “You will never believe what ______________” or “X things I wish I knew in my 20s” etc. Make sure that your content satisfies the readers and gives them something of value or at least entertainment value.

Amazing Tricks to Build an Impeccable Clickbait Headline

 Large Unbelievable Numbers are Attractive

Have you come across videos that suggest how the creators made millions or lost weight within a short period? Well, that is a clickbait. Try to stay true to your headline. You can talk about percentages, facts, money, etc.

Controversies are Great

By controversies, I do not mean that you should make false claims. By creating controversies I urge you to contradict something in popular culture. Voice your opinions logically and with conviction. When you learn the art of creating controversies without

Get Ideas From Old Advertisements

As mentioned above, print media had a  wonderful influence on people which is why it grew popular. You can do your research from old newspapers and magazines to learn the art of clickbait.

Make Your Headlines Irresistible With Teasers

A short SEO-optimized headline followed by text that evokes urgency will work wonders on your website. For instance, your headline could look like –

Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Content (You Cannot Lose #5) 

 Hook Your Audience With ‘Here’s Why’

Adding the phrase – ‘This is Why’ at the beginning or the end of your headline makes it super attractive and engaging. An example of clickbait will look like, “Here’s Why your SEO Strategy is a Flop Show” or “Your Conversion rate is stagnant, (Here’s Why)

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have established that clickbait was and is a significant marketing strategy that will improve your SEO ranking. You can experience an immense increase in your website traffic as well.

The key is to use ethical practices and not provide any misleading information to get an instant boost in traffic or views. This sudden spike does not last long and your channel or website will ultimately hit a dead zone.

With relevant, enticing, and high-quality content do not shy away from using interesting and controversial headlines. If you are still wondering, Does Clickbait work? To answer your question, yes it does. You need to learn the art of using it appropriately. Our team of content experts at UsePerWish ensures that offer curated content solutions for your company.

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