Trending Digital Marketing Tools to Boost Your Brand

Finding the right tools make any work extremely easy. When it comes to Digital Marketing tools, people often get paralyzed by the choices available. Don’t worry, we have a complete list of the best digital marketing tools that will help you to conclude.

This piece of information will help you navigate through the ever-evolving digital marketing world. Whether you are a novice marketer or manager of a corporation, this article is tuned to keep you in the upper echelon of the industry and create the best strategy.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the top digital marketing tools. It offers a free platform for all marketers. You don’t have to dive in with a big budget to handle your marketing campaigns. Google Analytics provides a better understanding of website traffic. The platform is popular for delivering detailed insight into social traffic and conversions.

The features of Google Analytics are:

  • Provides information on the website traffic that is further divided by pages, products, devices, and more.
  • Creates dashboard, dimensions, and metrics for hassle-free information and data access.
  • Provides real-time updates on the customers of your website. This information helps a lot in developing a landing page and increasing its engagement.
  • Providing better insight into the business performance.
  • Portraying a clear picture of different reporting tools.
  • Visualizing and organizing data that suits your business requirements.

Google Ads can be used by solo entrepreneurs, small business owners and even established company proprietors.

Mail Chimp

Mailchimp is an email marketing and social advertising tool for orchestrating and automating digital marketing campaigns. The platform is great for brand-building strategies as it offers templates for content, automation capabilities and integrated campaign tools. Mailchimp is amazing for creating professional emails as it supports a drag-and-drop interface. Also, it allows multiple integrations with various SaaS companies.

The features of Mailchimp are:

  • Uses AI-powered assistant to generate custom design
  • Creates better content with easy designing tools
  • Provides tools for analytics and insights all in one place
  • Creates custom emails and automates marketing
  • Provides a free plan for newbie marketers
  • Incorporates bespoke and pre-built email automation that helps to reach the target audience at the right time.

If you are thinking about how to use MailChimp, note that this platform can be used by small owners, agencies, marketers and enterprise-level corporations. The process blends well with e-commerce and online retail businesses.

Google Ads

Some marketers think that Google Ads is a bit expensive when it comes to building a brand reputation. Well, the cost is worth it as it helps businesses to reach new heights. It provides relevant results that are based on customers’ search results so that marketers can target ads promptly. Google Ads is one of the best because it allows marketers to focus on the people who are searching for relevant products and services.

The features of Google Ads are:

  • Increases call rates from customers through a click-to-call button
  • Drives website traffic
  • Allows micro-level bidding for paid campaigns 
  • Uniquely monitors search impression share
  • Conducts remarketing

Google Ads apply to all types of businesses regardless of rank and achievements.


Canva for Business is one of the leading graphic design tools. It is used for digital marketing as well. A huge library of stock images and templates allows you to create stunning graphics and videos easily. The drag-and-drop platform interface makes the designing process fluid. This takes several technical aspects away from graphic design.

The features of Canva are:

  • Provides a massive collection of designs that supports your digital marketing campaign.
  • Allows to edit posts and create graphs of any type.
  • Integrates different types of templates and boasts numerous stock images, icons, photos, vector images, and designs suitable for marketing campaigns.

Small and Medium-scale businesses profoundly use Canva. The best part, marketers need not be professional designers or content creators to create images for their marketing campaigns.

Yoast SEO

How to build a brand reputation with Yoast SEO?

Yoast is one of the most popular and liked WordPress plugins that bolsters digital marketing campaigns. It is used to optimize website performance and improve search rankings. Yoast SEO is a plugin that focuses on details that cannot be provided by WordPress. It helps with the submission of sitemaps, creation of SEO-focused content, management of keywords and management of webmaster tools.

The features of Yoast SEO are:

  • Incorporates a built-in content analysis tool for meta keywords, description management, social features, keyword-enriched snippets, and managing duplicate content.
  • Automatically produces XML sitemaps for websites and sets them forth to search engines.
  • Allows writing better content writing for digital marketing campaigns.

Yoast SEO can be used by any business team that works on WordPress. Solo entrepreneurs can also implement this plugin to ease the process of digital marketing.


Slack often trumps most digital marketing tools when it comes to building brand image. It is an application that comes with private and public channels. These are required for sharing important files or pinning vital messages. Slack is pretty much common with almost all digital marketers. With this application, you can discuss clients’ work along with new projects, articles, and support tickets, and send messages. The platform can potentially tighten up the efficiency of an organization.

The features of Slack are:

  • Lets you follow anything that is related to the channels, teams and projects
  • Makes communication easier with other team members in real-time and over the web
  • Allows messaging and video conferencing
  • Allows team collaborations from any part of the world

Slack can be used by enterprises, agencies and businesses with small, medium and large in-house teams.


Trello is a content management tool that helps to strategize and brainstorm content for digital marketing campaigns. The platform is used for creating, scheduling and organizing online content. It helps to let the team work together and make seamless communication. Multiple members of the team can be assigned to a single card so that they can work together on the same platform designed for building brand reputation

The features of Trello are:

  • Allows creating cards and incorporates notes on the topic of the card while issuing deadlines and topics to specific teams.
  • Allows organizing digital marketing campaigns and ensures nothing isn’t missed out by the team working on Trello.
  • Facilitates remote working for the team working on the platform.

Trello is a paid content marketing tool and can be used by any established company with a capacity of a moderate in-house team.


Loomly is a platform that is designed to ensure brand success. It is a digital marketing tool that is perfect for small teams handling social media campaigns. This platform is required for organizing and collaborating with content. It is equipped with pre-built calendars, workflows and deadlines for content. Brainstorming and scheduling content become a lot easier. Additionally, Loomly can curate new content ideas based on current topics and Twitter conversations.

The features of Loomly are:

  • Provides an overview of post-performance across various social networks and allows easy analysis of overall performance.
  • Equipped with a labelling system that enables easy retrieval of previous posts.
  • Enables modification and quick reposting
  • Allows rearranging scheduled posts and adjustments of pre-planned content for social media through a user-friendly calendar.

Loomly is certainly affordable and thus, Loomly suits well for teams under small businesses, agencies or sole entrepreneurs to bring up their presence on the social network.


What is HubSpot used for?

HubSpot is the powerhouse of tools required for digital marketers. It is an inbound marketing software equipped with a CRM platform. This makes HubSpot bolstered with powerful features. The CRM helps in tracking emails & notifications and scheduling meetings. The platform has a live chat option that makes it stand out from its competitors. Its paid plans support unlimited users to access the CRM.

The features of HubSpot are:

  • Allows easy interactions for teams if they want to communicate with customers.
  • The CRM allows fetching data and past interactions based on the activity.
  • Enables linking with sales and marketing processes wherever required. This can be either on social media, websites, phone conversations, etc.
  • Allows easy monitoring of deal pipelines while creating reminders and task deadlines.

HubSpot is generally handled by established companies and requires advanced knowledge to handle the software.


Last but not least, SEMrush is one of the staples of digital marketing tools that allows tracking the position of priority keywords. It also helps in exploring new terms with a probability of ranking. It provides a plethora of keyword ideas with various difficulty levels and variations. This makes this platform great for brainstorming content ideas and identifying the intent of search terms.

The features of SEM rush are:

  • Allows analyzing a site’s performance and current ranking.
  • Allows investigation of the competition through a clear look at the competitors.
  • Helps in generating new content ideas that are highly efficient in terms of marketing.
  • Helps in creating writer and SEO-friendly templates.

The marketing goodness of SEMrush can be experienced by any individual or business. However, to reap advanced benefits, a Pro or Guru account is required.

Wrapping Up

Digital marketing is an orb that keeps changing with continuous evolution. Therefore, organizations must stay updated with the latest patterns and techniques of marketing. So, if you’re thinking of how to boost your brand, this curated list of Digital Marketing tools will certainly help you build the launching platform for your marketing campaigns. Finding the right combination of tools is important to create new opportunities and gain maximum benefits.

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