Manage Your Time Better with Calendar Management Virtual Assistant

If you run a business or are a professional providing various services to your clients, you would agree that a lot of your time and energy go into time management. After all, in business, time is money. Did you know that you can save both ‘time & money’ by giving this time-taking task to your calendar management virtual assistants?

Yes! They are a thing and businesses big or small are using them on a daily basis to make full use of this intangible and limited resource which we know as time.

You know, technology has taken a giant leap in recent years and it is so easy to get lost in the world wide web. No doubt the internet has made life easier but it has also somehow complicated it for a lot of people. So, most of your time goes into sorting out things on the internet and choosing the right platforms and services.

Did you know there are dozens of platforms available just to schedule an appointment or meeting? And then there are a ton of others to actually have that meeting.

So, which one will you choose if you have to attend tens of appointments in a week? Will you go out scheduling each and every meeting yourself? Obviously not!

This is where the need for calendar management virtual assistant becomes imperative and absolutely indispensable. You will need someone who is not just knowledgeable but is also tech-savvy. So, they will know whether to use google calendar, Hubspot meetings, calendly or world time buddy.

Whether you hire a freelance calendar management virtual assistant or you hire from virtual assistant firms like MyTasker, they will schedule appointments, send reminders to your clients, prepare your itineraries and do much more on your behalf.

But who are these virtual calendar management assistants?

These are basically virtual scheduling assistants who work remotely and keep track and most of the time make your day-to-day plans. They provide you with a number of services like preparing a to-do list, organising meetings and reminding you when you pay your bills but are not limited to that.

And on top of that, they do it all while saving your time, money and energy so you can focus on your core areas for the betterment of your business.

So, keep reading as in this blog you will learn about various tasks that can be given to your calendar management virtual assistants, their benefits and some of the things that you need to keep in mind while you outsource to your virtual scheduling assistants.

But first and foremost, let’s look at the number of tasks that can be given to your virtual assistants.

What Do Calendar Management Virtual Assistants Do?

Well! There are some basic tasks that can be given to your virtual calendar management assistants. Some of them are listed as under.

Schedule Appointments

It’s a basic task you would say but come to think of it, it is extremely time consuming. What if you forget about an important meeting?

When you hire a calendar management virtual assistant, he or she will be responsible for scheduling all your meetings. They will coordinate with all your clients, stakeholders, partners and other people and schedule your meetings for the right time.

Your virtual scheduling assistant will reach out to them through email or phone and schedule the meeting. They will also confirm the time and date of the meeting in advance to avoid any miscommunication. They will also make sure that you get enough time for yourself between two meetings.

They will also notify if there is any change in the plan beforehand in a professional way. They will also communicate the agenda of the meeting to everyone before the meeting so that there is no communication gap and the meeting can end at a stipulated time with all important points taken into account.

Calendar Management

This is what your virtual assistants are here for; to manage your calendar in a better and more efficient way. Now, calendar management is basically preparing the daily, weekly or monthly to-do list.

This also includes prioritising your tasks and appointments according to the urgency and need. They can schedule, cancel or reschedule your meetings according to your priorities.

Sometimes, you might need to cancel a meeting or might need to move an appointment. Your virtual scheduling assistant will do that for you and keep you informed about the same by entering important dates and times into your calendar. They will also send you reminders as to when and where you need to be.

Not just that, they will try to synchronise your online calendar with any other personal calendar that you have. They will also keep a track of all your meetings, appointments, and deadlines if you have any and all other important tasks that you need to perform in a time-bound manner.

Schedule Any Social Events or Gatherings

There may be times when you will need to attend several official or personal gatherings or events. Your calendar management virtual assistants will make sure that you have enough free time to attend these events.

In fact, they might be the ones scheduling it on your behalf. So, they will find a day and time when everyone is available to attend the event. They will also confirm and remind all of them to attend the gathering. You can also ask them to arrange tickets to certain events for you.

Apart from social gatherings and events, there might be conferences that you need to hold. Your calendar management virtual assistant will also streamline the process for you.

Create & Manage Travel Itineraries

Now, you might need to travel officially or undertake personal travel. Wherever you need to go, your virtual assistant can plan your travel so that you don’t face any problems and you have a pleasant experience.

You can ask your virtual scheduling assistants to book flight tickets, and book hotels and cabs for you when you are travelling to other parts of the world. They can use their networking skills to crack a better deal for you.

They will also create itineraries for you and make your day-to-day plans whether you are travelling alone or with family.

If it’s a business trip along with your colleagues, they can plan that as well and create a to-do list for all those going on the trip.

Bill Payments & Record of Expenses

Your virtual scheduling assistants will keep a track of all deadlines and the last date of making any kind of payment. They will mark the dates in your calendar so that you don’t miss the due dates.

Sometimes, you may even ask them to schedule automatic payments so that there is no hassle or delay.

They can also keep a record of all the expenses that you have incurred during your travel or meetings and make payments whenever due.

So, these are some of the tasks that can be outsourced to your virtual assistants. Let’s now take a look at certain benefits that you can enjoy when you outsource to your virtual assistants.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Calendar Management Virtual Assistants

Outsourcing comes with its own benefits. Some of the benefits are mentioned below that might help you decide whether to outsource to a virtual scheduling assistant or not.

Saves Time

Well! It has been established that virtual scheduling assistants help you save a lot of time. After all, they share the load and save time that you might have to put in order to perform all the tasks mentioned above.

Saves Money

Apart from time, they also save you a lot of money. They are not your employees so you don’t have to pay salaries to them. Just pay for what they do. You can pay on an hourly basis if you want to. Besides time and money, your calendar management virtual assistants definitely help you save your energy.

Improve Your Productivity

When you have time, money and energy to spare, your productivity definitely improves. They free you up so that you can use your time to work on your focus areas. Not just that, when you hire a virtual scheduling assistant, you are always in the right place at the right time.

Keep Your Professional & Personal Life Separate

Do you often bring your official work to your home? Well! With virtual calendar assistants, you can be sure that there is at least a part of your work that you are not bringing home. Also, your virtual scheduling assistants can plan your leisure days that you can spend with your loved ones.

But there are some points that you need to keep in mind while you outsource to your calendar management virtual assistants.

Points To Remember

These are basically certain tips that would help you use your virtual assistants better. After all, you are paying them.

Introduce Them to The Team

You should always let them know what you do and who you work with. They will be able to coordinate and schedule appointments in a better way if they know your partners, clients, colleagues, employees and other stakeholders.

Brief Them Regularly

Always brief them about the tasks they need to perform beforehand. For that, you may need to talk to them on a regular basis. It is a good idea to clarify all the doubts before you assign them any new tasks.

Give Access to Your Calendar

Trust them and give them access to your calendar otherwise, they won’t be able to manage it. You should give them access to your online calendar and tell them what you are planning to do in a day.

Summary: You Can Also Manage Time Better with Calendar Management Virtual Assistant

You can save your time and money and improve your productivity by hiring a calendar management virtual assistant by giving them tasks like scheduling appointments, calendar management and preparing your to-do list.Want to hire a virtual assistant but don’t know who to approach? Visit MyTasker today.

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