Top Tips For Reverse Video Search: A 2024 User’s Guide

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Have you ever searched for a humorous or useful video and wondered where it originated? There are several ways to find out these days.

One of the most talked-about things on the internet these days is reverse video searching. It is easier to use and more efficient than trying to use certain terms or phrases to locate the source of every given video. In addition to being quick, the technique is easy to use and yields a comprehensive list of results tailored to the specific video clip you are searching for. The last several years have seen a tremendous improvement in reverse video searches, to the point that their significance is now irrefutable.

Reverse Video Search in a Nutshell

Reverse video search is another search technique that operates similarly to a standard search engine. When a user enters keywords or phrases, a traditional search engine returns results based on those terms. Conversely, a reverse video search engine replaces images with words. Although the accuracy of reverse video searches can not be very high, they are nonetheless quite useful in helping users locate the information they need for any given reason.

Also, if the original video hasn’t been indexed yet, you might not find the original video even with the reverse video search.

Reverse Video Search Techniques on Popular Platforms 

Reverse Video Search on Google

Check out a list of online unmatched reverse video searching platforms that help detect the main source. The best thing about these platforms is they provide excellent results just by scanning through a screenshot of a video clip. Nevertheless, there is no comparison when it comes to the accuracy, speed, and precision of Google.

You must submit a picture to Google rather than typing any text to perform a result-oriented Google Reverse Video search. Take a screenshot from the video to conduct a reverse search.  Finding the video’s most recognizable frame can help you discover the source of the information more precisely and effectively.

Here’s how to do that properly:

  • Launch Google
  • Go to the search bar and select the camera icon to select the image search option
  • Click on it to upload the picture

A clear, iconic image or screen capture with lots of information is what you should use. Additionally, you can get comprehensive photos and videos from Google based on your input after the picture is published. The image and video reverse search results are astounding regardless of not being a video search platform. This free platform is more functional compared to competitors.

Bing Results for Reverse Video Search   

Bing follows Google as a remarkable platform to assist you with reverse video searches. The functions and properties are similar to Google where users need to upload screenshots of video clips for proper reverse video search online.

Tips for Proper Reverse Video Search: 

  1. Take a clear screenshot of the video 
  2. Go to the Binge Visual Search page on Bing 
  3. Select the “upload image” option or copy-paste the video URL in the image box
  4. Binge will then work its magic to find the related results that will best match your screenshot. You might be able to find the original video as well as other content related to the original source.

These steps are simple to follow and offer unmatched results when it comes to locating the original source of the media. All you have to do is make sure that the image is clear so that Bing can offer the best results and disclose other vital information.

Shutterstock Reverse Video Search Technique  

We don’t think Shutterstock needs an introduction. It’s one of the most renowned online platforms to find quality visual media. You can use this free online image editor tool to proceed with a reverse video search method. And we know how you can make the most of its vast visual content library.

Here’s how to do that properly:

  1. Screengrab the video clip
  2. Open Shutterstock 
  3. Select the camera icon and click “search by image” option 
  4. Upload the picture from the “Choose file” section 
  5. Vectors to detect if any image is animated or AI-generated 
  6. Click the search option and begin 
  7. You will have a grid of images and videos matching the screenshot

Reverse Video Search in Berify

We think Berify is one of the most efficient tools for reverse video search as it lets you use several searches on various search engine platforms simultaneously. That means, you can search for videos and photos on Bing, Google, Yandex, and other search engines at the same time. Therefore, your chances of finding the original video increases.

Here’s how to do that properly:

  1. Upload or drag and drop the image file from the “browse and upload the image here” option 
  2. Then click on the search button
  3. You can get the original video source other than additional results 

With a free account, you can only do a limited amount of searches but a premium account will let you perform more searches.

Reasons Why Reverse Video Search is Useful

Many benefits support the utility of reverse video search. There is no shortage of individuals utilizing it for various objectives in their careers and pastimes. Check out the following reasons to perform a useful reverse video search:  

Look for Replicas

All professional video content creators understand that their work can be used unhinged and without consent. In this case, looking for and discovering these films on your own might be a very difficult undertaking.

Reverse video search allows you to find out who stole your videos. Additionally, it helps to identify which websites or online pages have uploaded your videos. Usual results include social media platforms, YouTube, and websites. 

Detect Video Origins 

Have you ever liked a video so much that you wanted to find the full version of it online? Or, wanted to gather more information about a small clip you saw on social media platforms. Reverse video searching enables you to find several versions of the video on different platforms. Well, the good news is most of these platforms also showcase the upload date of the video so you can find which is the original one by the oldest upload date from the bunch. Moreover, Google reverse video search helps you to find out the owner of a particular video. 

Tracking Down the Full Versions

You will find reels and short clips in abundance which are created from larger videos. It’s an excellent marketing tactic to advertise the main video online. A reverse video search will help you find the original full version video if there were no source links mentioned in the short clip.


Digital marketers, journalists, video editors, etc can use these tools for reverse video search as it is greatly beneficial to them. With its cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI support, this application adds a new level to internet searches), whether you’re looking to unlock the secrets behind a viral clip or protect your creative property.

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