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eCommerce is not just a commercial activity but a way of life. The way eCommerce has flourished in the past few years, has taken the world by storm. Businesses are now realizing the potential of eCommerce and are hiring eCommerce virtual assistants.

eCommerce is everywhere. Today some mobile phones and laptops come with a pre-installed eCommerce app. No wonder Jeff Bezos remains among the top five richest people in the world.

Let’s do away with the big names. These days, so many small retail stores have their own websites to take orders. People prefer to buy from eCommerce websites. And why not? It is easy, you get everything delivered to your doorstep, so, it saves time and money. You can shop from any retailer in the world.

Perhaps this is the reason why eCommerce is growing rapidly and it has grown manifold since the pandemic. In fact, a report by Forbes suggests that eCommerce can grow to 20% of the total retail sales by the end of this year.

And when that is the case, even retailers can’t deny its importance. After all, it makes businesses go global and offer a larger customer base. A recent report released by Retail Systems says that there has been a 169% increase in activity from new and infrequent users.

So, businesses need to tap on this resource. And one can think of many ways to do so from proper SEO to correct marketing to knowing the correct data of your customers. And this is when eCommerce virtual assistants come into play. So, they perform all activities important to selling your product on eCommerce sites. They provide benefits like quality output and multitasking. However, one needs to practice caution while outsourcing to eCommerce virtual assistants.

So, keep scrolling as in this blog you will learn about some of the tasks that you can outsource to eCommerce virtual assistants, some benefits of virtual eCommerce assistants, and also things you should keep in mind while outsourcing to eCommerce virtual assistants.

First & foremost, who are eCommerce virtual assistants?

Virtual eCommerce Assistants

As mentioned above, when you plan to list your product on any eCommerce website or even your own website, there are a number of things that you need to do. Even listing a product can sometimes be a task. If not that, then promoting it on social media using the right SEO tools can be one. And if not, then maintaining order sheets and logistics can sometimes pose difficulties. But all of that will happen after you are done with the market research.

So, when you hire virtual eCommerce assistants yourself or from any firm like Use Per Wish, they will streamline this process for you. They will actually do it all for you. They will smoothen the process so that you can focus on your business goals.

Let’s take a look at all tasks you can outsource to your eCommerce virtual assistant.

Tasks to Outsource to eCommerce Virtual Assistants

Well! There are a number of tasks that you can get done from your virtual eCommerce assistants. Some of them are getting websites made and managing inventory among others. Tasks include:

Creating Websites

The first step is entering the eCommerce domain or getting your own website. Now, why is your website important? It is important to let your customers know that you are in the business.

Having your own website helps you promote and list your products. If you do the eCommerce through your own website, you save a lot of commission that you otherwise have to pay if you list your products on some other eCommerce platform.

If you have your own website, it, in a sense, adds to your credibility. Plus, you can link your website with other platforms and even run ads on other websites.

When you hire a virtual eCommerce assistant, he or she takes care of all such tasks for you. They get the websites made and also maintain them and keep updating them.

Apart from that, they will list your products in relevant categories on your website along with the prices and discounts if any.

Social Media Promotion & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

After creating your website and listing products, it becomes important for your business to tell people what you have to offer them.

So, your eCommerce virtual assistant will know what social media channels are there where you can promote your business. They will use the right keywords and proper descriptions to inform your customers about your products and services.

Now, SEO is a common term in eCommerce. It is basically using the right keywords and other things to portray your website at the top of the search pages. Your eCommerce virtual assistant will also be able to do that.

These eCommerce virtual assistants can write correct product descriptions on your websites and social media pages and even create social media marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website.

Managing Orders, Inventory Management & Logistics

You have created a website and have listed products on it. You have even done its promotion and marketing and now you are bombarded with orders. It is then that the role of eCommerce virtual assistants becomes even more important.

The virtual eCommerce assistants will keep a track of all the orders. They will maintain sheets and data related to all the purchases. Now, they will not write down each and every purchase obviously! But they will have data to show you which product or service is mostly getting sold out.

After that, they will also manage inventory. They will manage the inventory according to the orders so that nothing is left out and everything is sold out. For example, if a product is not that popular, they will buy less of it. Also, they will be filling up the inventory.

Now, a major part of any business is handling logistics. These eCommerce virtual assistants will also keep a track of the orders and ensure the timely and safe delivery of your products to your customers.

Product & Market Research

You can be oblivious to the ongoing market trends but believe us, these eCommerce virtual assistants are not.

They know what type of products are most in demand. They also know what your competitors are doing and how they are using eCommerce to their benefit.

These expert virtual eCommerce assistants handle such tasks very well. They will present you with proper market research so you can be sure of attracting growth.

Hiring eCommerce virtual assistants is a good idea for any business because they offer a number of benefits.

Benefits of Hiring eCommerce Virtual Assistants

Now, you might be reluctant to give such an important task to an outsider. After all, you have put your blood and sweat into making that business. But experts believe that outsourcing to eCommerce virtual assistants can drive overall growth to your business in the long run. Let’s take a look at the three most accepted and well-known benefits of hiring eCommerce virtual assistants that will help you decide.

One Assistant Can Do It All

eCommerce virtual assistants are multitaskers. One person can perform all the tasks mentioned above. So, you don’t need to worry about hiring different people to perform different jobs.

Also, when you have one person to perform the job, you will not have to run after every one to get their job done. Having only one point of contact will save you a lot of time and energy.

It brings us to our next benefit which is:

Saves time, money & energy

Do you know how much time and energy you will have to put in while doing all the tasks? So, these virtual assistants do all the tasks on your behalf so that you can focus on your core areas of work.

Apart from that, outsourcing to virtual eCommerce assistants is easy in your pocket. After all, they save you all the costs that you will have to incur if you hire an onsite employee. It will save you the rent, internet services, office space, and other amenities that you will need to provide your employees.

Also, it is pretty much a freelance setup. So, you can hire virtual assistants when the workload is high and retain them only if you want to.

Never Compromise on Quality

When you are ladened with work, you are likely to miss out on certain details and are prone to make mistakes. So, when you have experts on your side working for you, you can be sure of quality output.

These eCommerce assistants are well-trained and know their job pretty well. Moreover, they are accountable to you. They are organized and experienced in performing those tasks.

They are efficient and productive. They also adhere to deadlines. So, you can relax and put your money into them.

But as mentioned above, everything comes at a price.

A Word of Caution

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while hiring eCommerce virtual assistants. These are:

–        Choose the right pricing: You can hire a virtual assistant on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can hire them even on a project basis. Obviously, the prices vary. Now, you have to choose and pick an option while hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant. After all, you shouldn’t pay anyone for sitting idle. Pay only for the work done.

–        Choose the right assistant: Only you know what needs to be done. You know what tasks need to be outsourced. Now, there are some tasks that can be done by someone who is less experienced and there are other tasks that demand expertise. Now, an expert will obviously charge more. So, choose wisely.

–        Choose the right platform to hire: You can hire a freelancer or you can hire from firms like Use Per Wish Hiring from an agency will cost more but will also bring expertise and experience to the table.


If you are looking for someone to drive growth to your eCommerce business, you should hire an eCommerce virtual assistant to perform important tasks like product listing, SEO, and managing inventory. Confused about where to hire from? Visit Use Per Wish for details.

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